RM26.80++ for All-You-Can-Eat Steamboat Buffet @ Umami Steamboat Buffet Restaurant, Dataran Mentari.

Who would have thought there's such reasonable price where you can get ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT steamboat buffet outside there? Talking about all-you-can-eat, you know you could expect for extensive buffet spread lies on for you to try each of them, and it's just the matter of how much you can take them!

Umami Steamboat Buffet Restaurant
I wondered why the restaurant was named Umami, later then I know that the word "Umami" is popularly referred to as savoriness, which is one of the basic tastes together with sweet, sour, bitter and salty. It is also a loanword from the Japanese Umami with the meaning of pleasant savoury taste. Hence, I guess that explained the name of the restaurant. 

The crowds

Don't be surprised with the huge crowd upon entering the restaurant. You can see everyone is enjoying their steamboat session be it with the family or friends. I personally feels comfortable with the air conditioned in the restaurant. Walking over the food counters, I was kind of in doubt that I could try all of the foods! 

Selection of foods*1
There were an array of cooked foods where you can actually get the fried rice, stir-fried vegetables, sweet and sour chicken, and so on. We had the fried rice and surprisingly the fried rice is better than I expected. 

Selection of foods*2
Selection of foods*3
There were also some dried soybean sheets, fishballs, wantan, crab sticks, and etc for you to cook into the hot pot of your choices of soups. Don't worry as everything goes well with the soup and it going to taste as better as expected!

Selection of foods*4
Various types of green vegetables up to your liking, tofus, dumplings and what to not miss - long springy fish noodles! They were all fresh and that's what we wants I believe.

Everyone know that the soup will be taste sweeter by just dumping all the mushrooms into it. And that's also the reason I love to have them especially during the steamboat session. What is there to enjoy if there's no fresh seafood?

The variety types of seafood just made me so happy and that's going to be my major love for the steamboat. There are crabs, huge size clams, mussels, prawns, what ever it is, you name it! Putting prawns into the tom yam soup will be the crowds favorite for sure!

Sliced Lamb Meat
We also had a plateful of thinly sliced lamb meat to be swished in our hot pot. As a lamb lover, I enjoyed having it on that night. 

Pepper Soup & Tom Yam Soup (Red)
Fish Head Soup & HK Herbal Soup
Just so you know that, there are 6 types of soup available for you to choose for. They are Umami Chicken Soup, Thai Tom Yam Soup (Red), Fish Head Soup, Thai White Tom Yam Soup, HK Herbal Soup and Umami Pepper Soup. With the half pot style, Umami just wants everyone enjoy their steamboat with their favorite soups so we can just choose a spicy and a non-spicy soup to be shared with others. 

BBQ Chicken Wings
Fried finger foods
Well marinated fried chicken wings
Ikan Bakar & Satay
What's more that you can get at Umami? There were BBQ corner too where the guest could enjoy some bbq chicken wings, satays, bbq crabs, and etc. Now you tell me how not to get full with this kind of goodness?

There were also various types of sauces prepared allowed you to enjoy your foods with the sauces. Did I mentioned there are also salad bar where you can get your favorite salads and I am loving the prawns salad very much!

Ice Kacang
Each everyone of us also get to chilled ourselves with the Ice Kacang and guess what? You could order as many times as you want, as long as you could finish it up! The drinks? You could just fill your glass with the ice lemon tea or orange juice or even the pu-er tea. Everything is self service and you could refill as many as you want.

Various Flavors Ice Creams
The most favorite part to me was dessert time! I had numerous cups of ice cream on that night! I just can't help it. The happiest moment was when I saw my favorite peppermint ice cream is inside there! Psst! There's jellies and fruits inside the fridge where you can just take and have it! We were all get too full and felt well treated for that night. 

Kate & Caroline
Kate, Feeq & Caroline
Henry, Caroline & Karen
With only RM 26.80++ for all the foods, it is definitely a steal! You may walk in or call for reservation if you do not want to end up with disappointment if there is no table available upon your arrival.

Umami Steamboat Buffet Restaurant
Price : RM 26.80++ (Adult) , RM 13.40++ (Child <130cm)
Contact No : 03 - 56222663
GPS Coordinate : N03° 06.33.5′ E101° 35.40.2′
Business Hours : Mon - Fri ( 11am - 12am ) & Sat - Sun ( 5pm - 12am )
Twitter : Umami_My