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Not gonna deny the fact that having my hair bleached and coloured for almost every month causes damages to my hair. It's true that the ultrasonic treatment by Number76 is the main treatment that keeping my hair stay healthy and silky smooth. However, it's really important to have a proper hair care product at home too! That's how you can maintain healthy looking hair as well as keeping your hair colour last longer too!

When Sue Ann told me about this new hair shampoo range - Jemile Fran - how amazing it is on her bleached and coloured hair. Knowing how much she's into Japan everything, I always trust she either did her research or tried it herself before recommending it to me. Trust me, it is really an amazing product!

There are two types of Jemile Fran Shampoo and Treatment - Silky & Shiny and Juicy & Glossy

Juicy & Glossy

  for normal to coarse hair as it contains Silk Softener in the product to help give out a glossy smooth finish effect. 
Silky & Shiny 

for fine hair as it contains Elastic Collagen in the product and help give out a shiny voluminous effect

For my rather flat hair, I opted to try out the Silky & Shiny shampoo and treatment range. 

Let's talk about the rose-y packaging! They are so pretty and I bet every girls going to love the pleasant rose-y scent of the product too! Unlike the normal shampoo process, you have to work on lathering the foam of the product in order to achieve the optimum result. Prior to applying the product, it is best to wet your entire hair and slowly work on the lathering step. It may take some time, but hey, that's how we enjoy our shower time anyway. After done shampooing step, you can then apply the treatment and slowly massage your hair end by twisting it for deeper penetration. Rinse it and you can immediately feel the difference after one wash!

I was really, really surprised and amazed by the result. My hair not only feel silkier and shinier, but also appear thicker and bouncier! To see such volume on my flat hair, it's like a dream come true! Odera from Number76 then styled my hair with a little bit of curl for more volumizing effect, I love it!
WHERE TO BUY?  - Jemile Fran Shampoo (RM80) and Treatment (RM92) are available for sale at Number76.

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