How Nuffnang Stickman Should Celebrate His Birthday MY STYLE!

This post is actually a part 2 from Eric's post for how Nuffnang should celebrate his birthday! If you are interested, do visit his blog at for it!

Blogging, is always my favorite past time, and also a place where I actually can write anything especially to rant about something! It may sounds boring, till the day I get to know Nuffnang! Yes, I never thought that a hobby can get me to earn some extra income through blogging. What's more? I get to know lots and lots and lots of blogger friends! 

The moment I get to know that Nuffnang is turning to 5, I just get so excited and seriously desperately would want to know how they are going to celebrate it with us! And, of course I would be happy if they could do it in this way! XD 

I LOVE PLUSHIES VERY MUCH! I know all of you know about it too! Don't you think it would be really fun with lots and lots of giant plushies! You can hug the plushies and then pose for photos! Imagine sitting on those giant plushies instead of just normal sofa or chairs? That would be very nice right? It could even be Nuffnang Stickman plushies for all of us!

Secondly, it would definitely be a party of a heavenly star theme! The best if the whole place decorated in stars and blings! Since Nuffnang is like an angel to every bloggers by giving us so many goodies, it's on appropriate to have it heavenly like! And all the waiters and waitresses would be dressed in angel costume and Nuffies as well! It would be as if entering the heaven itself! How cool is that! And hopefully the food would be heavenly as well!

These angels waiters and waitresses would serve everyone there and we could even have a competition on creating the best looking angel! Or a DANCE BATLLE between angels!

And for all the guest! Besides, the blue code dress! Everyone should dressed up according to their favorite fairy tale characters! Everyone would be prince and princesses. A truly classy and gala affair. It's like a fairy tale like relationship between bloggers and Nuffnang. Nuffnang is like the fairy godmother to all of us! It would be cool to have some fairy tale like elements in the party. It can be a magic pumpkin ride, glass shoes, magic fairies and many more. A truly magical night to look forward to!

That's all for how I think Nuffnang should celebrate his 5th birthday! Once again, congratulations to Nuffnang for making it this far and I hope there would be more fruitful years to come. I definitely hope and look forward towards what Nuffnang could provide bloggers in the future! Have a blessed birthday!
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