"Good Food, Good Company" @ Petite Millie, One Utama Shopping Centre

Petite Millie, sounds familiar? Petite Millie is an extension of the flagship restaurant Millesime which situated at Menara Kencana Petroleum in the Solaris Dutamas area. The name bears the meaning of "Little Millesime", how cute it can be heh?
Petite Millie @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Upon entering, you would be welcomed with the cozy ambiance with modern European casual dining, reminiscent of but not confined by the French brasserie dining concept. It aims to be unpretentious, serve simple hearty food and beverages. What to expect? The cuisine served is French influenced, fine and exceptional quality yet in a simple, easy to understand presentation and palette. And oh! To start your meal with the milkshake is great! :p

Goodness Gracious Its Green ( RM 14 )
The Goodness Gracious Its Green is a mixture of kiwi, soursop and green tea. It happened to be the crowd's favorite drink on that night for it refreshing and tasty at time. 
Cappuccino ( RM 7 ) 
A cup of hot Cappuccino that accompanied by cookie truly delighted I would say. 
Monkey in the Tropics ( RM 14 )
If you love something like banana and mango, you would definitely love the Monkey in the Tropics ! Though I would say the banana taste quite strong that I can hardly taste the mango flavor in this. Nevertheless, it still a good drink to start of!

Citrus Circuit ( RM 14 )
Yours truly had ordered the Citrus Circuit for the night. I always love the combination of honey and lemon and this is the virgin experience of trying the combination of honey and lemon in with thick creamy milkshakes. It was surprisingly good! If you know me, I always love something sourish and this drink is more to sweetness if you ask me. 
Autumn Temptation ( RM 14 )
As for the Autumn Temptation, I would agree with Evelyn it's either you love it or no. If you love the taste of cinnamon, you would fall in love with this for sure. It is the mixture of apple and cinnamon with thick creamy milkshakes. 
Leprechaun's Brew ( RM 14 )
The both Ken and Eric totally love the Leprechaun's Brew. I bet most of the guys love this too! It is the mixture of mocha and Irish's cream flavor with thick creamy milkshakes. 

Provencale Root Vegetables and Borlotti Bean ( RM 12.50 )
We started with the soup, Provencale Root Vegetables and Borlotti Bean with herb pistou and tapenade crouton was quite appetizing. It comes with a thick and creamy sauce that rich with tomatoes, garlics, herbs and olive oil. If you wonder, the Borlotti bean is a large plump bean with pinkish-brown color, widely used in cooking for its sweetish flavor with a smooth creamy texture. The crouton (crust) topped with the tapenade that made of blended black olives soaked in the thick creamy soup is just yummy!

Roasted Leek and Potato Veloute ( RM 12.50 )
The second soup that we get to tried was the Roasted Leek and Potato Veloute with Ricotta Smoked Fish Tartare and avocado oil. It was such a wonderful dish to me for its flavor and texture, it was just so smooth. The thick yet smooth and creamy leek and potato veloute definitely taste heavenly good with the avocado oil and topped with the chives. 

Luv a Duck ( RM 23.50 )
Most of the time, I always get interested with a dish by its name in the menu. I would always amazed how people could name each dishes with such interesting name. The curiosity within me that always makes me can't help myself but order the foods! Luv a Duck, bread at the bottom topped with layered of fresh rocket leaves and orange-Dill Aioli and peppered duck breast at the most top, definitely perfect for light meal. Needless to mention how the crunchy toasted bread sticks from the sides of the tart flambee. 

Poutine Cheek...and its deadly ( RM 26 )
If you do no know what to order for your first time, you could never go wrong with their Signature Poutine dish that comes with chunky fries, grated cheese, homemade gravy and toppings. The Poutine Cheek...and its deadly, the 6 hours braised beef cheek, freshly grounded pepper and truffle oil. Mix it and you could get surprised with the cheesy and greasy bites in your mouth. The juicy and tender beef and mushrooms goes well with everything that made me fell in love with this!

Very Atas One! ( RM 26 )
Another poutine dish that we get attracted by its name, Very Atas One!, a generous amount of thinly sliced of beef and blue cheese crumbs with caramelized onions. Not many people around me love the smell and taste of blue cheese, so do I. However, I would say this is something you should give it a try! The blue cheese totally complimented the whole dish well and juicy bites in your mouth will be something unforgettable and equally delicious as previous poutine dish. And of course, I would not mind to order this dish again on my next visit, perhaps I would request to reduce the amount of blue cheese though. 

Emilia's Tagliatelle al Duck Ragu ( RM 28.50 )
One of the dish that I will never disagree to have for the main, Emilia's Tagliatelle al Duck Ragu two ducks preparation, pesto and oregano. Breadcrumbs do made it taste nicer in a way.

Bourguignonne Style Beef Bavette ( RM 46.50 )
Red juicy inside
I myself not a big fan of beef, however this Bourguignonne Style Beef Bavette somehow get me addicted with it! The Angus Flank of beef braised with shallot, mushroom and demi glace lied pleasantly on a bed of finely mashed potato kind of stole my heart away for this. It was just awesome!

Iberian Beef Cecina ( RM 19.50 )
What I love to be at Petite Millie definitely for the varieties selection of dishes that they are offering here. Who would have thought pizza lovers could get a fix on their craving at here? Yes! You could get this Iberian Beef Cecina, the finely thin crust pizza topped with the slices of air dried beef loin and capsicum concasee. You would certainly enjoy the flavorful crunchy crisp of every bites in your mouth.

Avocado and Crab...c'est une boone vie! ( RM 19.50 )
Another pizza dish in the menu, the Avocado and Crab... c'est une boone vie! served on the table and I was kind of surprised with those avocado top on it. I could not imagine how it can actually match with the crab and pizza crust? Once get a bite of this, it was absolutely unique in flavor not just with the combination of crab and avocado but also complimented by the fragrant thyme, lemon oil and chive. 

White Truffle Oil Fish Pie ( RM 36.50 )
For us Malaysian, I bet most of you love to have the roti canai from the mamak stall. At here, Petite Millie have this something ordinary yet special dish namely White Truffle Oil Fish Pie is also their Signature! The magnificent white truffle oil baked fish pie with shiitake mushrooms. Your mind would totally blown away by this! I totally enjoyed myself having this soft fluffy tarte flambee with the creamy gravy, it was heavenly great!

Millie Mascarpone... wow! ( RM 16 )
Panna Cotta ( RM 16 )
Apple Crumble ( RM 16.90 )
Even though how stuffed you are, there's always an empty space for the desserts! The desserts at Petite Millie were not disappointing at all. Each and every desserts with their own unique flavor would always be an indulgence for each and everyone of you. It's hard to resist from these for sinfully berry-licious desserts!

It was an absolutely unique dining experience for me especially when I get to taste all the authentic French cuisine by myself. There will be always next visit and perhaps the most love for Petite Millie will be their smooth and foamy delicious milkshakes! You know there's no harm to just grab the milkshake and pizza or poutine when you drop by here!

Petite Millie
Lot G146, Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Tel No : +6 03 - 7732 0395
Email : rsvp@petite-millie.com
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