Vibrance Kegel Device : How It Works?

Vibrance Kegel Device, sounds familiar? I have blogged about it at here. I guess many of you would love to know what is it all about heh? For the ladies, you may think the Kegel exercise ( Pelvic Floor exercise ) is not necessary nor important, but let me share about what are the benefit of Kegel exercise.

Now, tell me what do you think? If you ask me, I would say it's not hard nor easy to perform the Kegel exercise as it is crucial for us to identify and knowing where is our pelvic floor muscles in order to perform the right Kegel exercise. Pelvic floor muscles are 2-3cm from the vagina opening and they are suspended like a hammock between the pubis bone in front and the base of your spinal column in back.

To be honest, it sound rather confusing to me, but no longer felt so for now I have the Vibrance Kegel Device with me! And yes! The Vibrance Kegel Device aims to overcome challenges such as women training the wrong muscles during Kegel exercise, no progression in doing Kegel exercise as well as no proper guidance on Kegel exercise. 

What inside the box? There are one Vibrance Kegel Device and casing, 3 levels of resistance sheaths, 2 sets of batteries, user instruction manual and warranty card included. Just so you know that there are two types of product usage - Type A ( autonomous training ) and Type B ( sound guidance training ). 

Vibrance Kegel Device
Battery holder 
It's great to have the storage casing for this device for it's convenient and keeping it clean. Well, obviously this device need battery in order to operate it. We need to insert two batteries and you can see the battery holder located at the lower cover of the device itself. 

This is the exact look of the device and it shocked me for a moment. Before you start using it, you need to ensure the silicone is clean and then apply an appropriate amount of lubricant then only slowly insert it into the vagina. Just so you know that, it only will vibrate if it contract with the correct muscles which is the pelvic floor muscles. Yes! That's how it works! We need to identify the correct muscle in order to perform the right Kegel exercise and achieve the good result at time. The next step will be sound guidance exercise, all you need to is just press the switch and contract your pelvic muscles when the machine beeps, and relax your pelvic muscles when it is silent. 

The above shown the beeping frequency of the device although I have to say the beeping sound can be really annoying. The sound guidance exercise takes 4 minutes and 48 seconds and of course you may stop the sound guidance exercise anytime by pressing the button again. Well, sometimes I just did it for 3 minutes.  

3 different sheaths
As you can see there are three sheaths included in the box. These sheaths looks similar but it actually has different thickness. For the beginner like me, I started with the level 1 which is not too thick and lightest pressure and of course you can always go for the third level which is great as that simply means your pelvic muscles are active and strong.  
Vibrance Kegel Device
After usage, it can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Of course you have to be careful and ensure no water enter the battery holder. After that, just wipe it or leave it dry naturally. See, it's easy to keep it clean. 
Lubricant and Cleanser
If you worry of getting allergy from the silicone rubber of the device, fret not, as it is made from Medical Grade Silicone Rubber of the highest specification and built for maximum comfort to ensure it doesn't harm or damage the pelvic floor muscles when exercising. The Vibrance Kegel Device sheaths are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof and easy to clean using the Vibrance Cleanser and water. It is also compact, lightweight and extremely portable. You can get this device at RM498 and RM30 for Vibrance Lubricant and RM20 for Vibrance Cleanser at . Other than buying from , users can also purchase it at SHINS outlets and major hospitals

**This device obviously not just for women who has gone through pregnancy, childbirth or aging but also suitable for the  young women out there. If you ask me what are the difference after using it, it definitely improves my blood circulation and somehow it reduces the menstrual pain that I always experienced previously. Perhaps it is because am still at young age, there's not much different I can feel compare to those who had gone through childbirth process. And oh! I had to admit the fear of using it initially! With Vibrance Kegel Device, there's no longer difficulty in performing the Kegel exercise! :D

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