Dinner at Hooters | Sydney

Hooters @ Parramatta
It was certainly more like a laid back Saturday in Sydney as we didn't go out visiting places but celebrates Jared's 1st Birthday at home. We spent some time resting at home during the afternoon after the celebration and Lionel drove us out to the Hooters for dinner in the evening time. 

Crowds at Hooters!
Now, look at the evening crowds! It was packed and luckily Lionel had made a reservation for us for the night. Phew~

Lionel & Eric
A picture of Lionel and Eric while waiting for the Hooters Girl to come over to take our order. Obviously, I wasn't the only one who got excited for this trip as Eric been looking forward for all the good food in Sydney that Lionel been telling him before we finally visit Sydney.

Curly Fries - A$5.95
Lionel loves the curly fries at here. I was reading the description of the curly fries and lol-ed because it was written this way - Peeled and curled entirely by a computer and programmed by an Idaho refugee.

Original Hooters Style Wings (10pcs) - A$16.50
I love wings! We ordered their signature Original Hooters Style Wings which are breaded and tossed in our choice of wing sauce. Yup, you get to choose from seven wing flavors - 911, 3 mile island, hot, medium, samurai teriyaki, spicy garlic and BBQ. Grey and I couldn't take spicy food, we opted for the medium level, so crunchy on the outside and tender in the inside, yums!

Buffalo Platters - A$31.95
We also ordered the Buffalo Platters which comes with buffalo shrimps, chicken strips and also their famous wings. It was served with carrot sticks and celery sticks. You also get to choose whether you prefer ranch or the bleu cheese dressings to go with. Gosh! I loved the buffalo shrimps very much! They were breaded too, you still can enjoy the fresh, succulent shrimp in the inside in every bites

It was quite a happening night at Hooters that night! There were a few birthday celebrations and get the guest to dance with the Hooters Girls. The way they sing the birthday song for the guest just reminds me of TGIF back in Malaysia. oh-so-fun!

Picture with Hooters Girl, Rachel ;)
We had a great time chit-chat whilst enjoying all the foods. Of course, the guys not only get to enjoy watching over all the hot Hooters Girls, but also watch some games of the night. 

Hooters Parramatta
132, James Ruse Drive,
Parramatta NSW 2150
Tel no: +61 2 9633 5160
Email: parramatta@hootersaustralia.com
*Opens 7 day - midday till late*