He Is 25.

If you're wondering who am I referring to at here, he is none other than my boyfie - Eric. His birthday falls on the last Wednesday ( 11th Jan ) and it feels so great that we could celebrate it together! Just like Lionel's, Mei Yee's, Foong's and my birthday, we're all get surprised birthday celebration. Obviously, there's one for Eric too! I had to admit that it was really hard to plan a surprise birthday for him, not just because we're always together most of the time, but also because I'm shucks in acting? *LOL* When I was whatsapp-ing with the both Foong and Mei Yee, it was seriously scared me that what if he saw the messages? This time, I invited Benjamin to tag along in the plan too, so can you imagine how to keep the secret when you are busy whatsapp-ing with few people at time? 

Happy Birthday to Eric. :)
I was consider myself a bit safe as the actual meet-up actually planned by Eric himself and I just took advantage on the meet-up and planned with others for his birthday. Everything was quite last minute but I am truly satisfied as he himself did not realized at all and most importantly, he was HAPPY on that day! I even had to purposely had to drag the time to leave the home as Hungry Hog is quite near to our place and the person who bringing the cake not reaching there yet. Needless to say that, Eric even say me for being late.
Hungry Hog
Everyone act normal when we arrived and Benjamin came out of nowhere and told Eric that he was somewhere nearby and saw us from the outside and Eric actually asked him to join us. At that time, I am seriously worry if Benjamin going to tell him about the birthday and thank God that Ben is brilliant and covered everything well! 

Prosperity Burger
We ordered the normal dish and 3 Little Pigs must be in the list! Not to mention the siew yok (roasted pork) and keropork as well. A special burger that both Lionel and I ordered was the Prosperity Burger. I have to say the generous amount of slices of juicy dried meat seriously added the awesome taste on the burger. 

Birthday boy make a wish!
Birthday boy blowing candles
Bunch of good friends! <3
With love. <3
When the waitress brought the birthday cake to our table, we can see how clueless Eric was at that time! Yes, he has no idea at all and another successful birthday party! I would say the moment was so priceless and precious one when everyone is happy with broad smiles on their faces, such a blessings to have everyone around. Advanced celebration with the bunch of good friends and the actual celebration with ME on the day itself!