The CNY Premium Yee Sang @ Sushi Tei

It is less than two weeks time and we are approaching the Year of the Dragon! I myself could not wait till the next Thursday to be back hometown again as it is a must to be there for family reunion dinner. Other than Christmas, Chinese New Year is another festive that I always love for it's not the matter of getting angpow (red packet money) but also where all the relatives from all over will gather around as family to celebrate the festival! The more the merrier and that's what I love the most. 

Sushi Tei ( Tropicana City Mall )
This year, I had a chance to lou sang with bunch of peeps at the Sushi Tei, Tropicana City Mall. We were there to sample their Premium Yee Sang  - Yee Sang that comes with the normal condiments, fresh premium Salmon and Maguro as well as the fresh prawns cubes - look at how premium is that! 
Yu Sheng served with fresh Japanese ingredients and dressings
Fresh prawns & salmon + maguro
Premium Yu Sheng @ Sushi Tei
Put everything into it and you could see the considerably huge portion of yee sang and everyone just could not wait to toss it up high high! During the olden days, old folks used to toss it while saying some good and prosperous words for their believe that it going to bring some good luck for the year. So, how about you?
Ready  for Lou Sang!
Fruit Punch Smoothies ( RM 5.80 ) / Bloody Sprite ( RM 5.80 ) / Sunrise ( RM 5.80 ) / Frozen Macha ( RM 5.80 )
Not just the Premium Yee Sang, but we also get to sample their Signature drinks - Fruit Punch Smoothies, Bloody Sprite, Sunrise and Frozen Macha - which were pretty refreshing with their own unique taste. Of course, the ala carte menu is available during the Chinese New Year too which gives the varieties in menu for the guest. 
Sakura Ebi Fuwa Fuwa ( RM 13.80 )
Sakura Ebi Fuwa Fuwa - deep fried breaded tofu ball with prawn. They comes in sizable round ball shape deep fried in golden brown color gives the perfect crunchiness of the outside and soft inside, not to mention that the taste of sakura ebi (prawn) was great too! Dip it into the special sauce and you're going to love it. 

Tara Shirako Karaage ( RM 49.80 )
It is highly recommended to order the Tara Shirako Karaage ( Tara: Cod, Shirako: Milt ) for it is one of the seasonal dish. Just so you know that the Tara codfish is only available during the winter and no doubt that the taste is great too! 
Mame Aji Karaage ( RM 15.80 )
While waiting for other foods to be served, we were all enjoy snacking on the Mame Aji Karaage. It is the deep fried baby mackerel fish which is simply delicious to munch for. 
Dosanko Sushi Moriawase ( RM 46.80 )
I am sushi lover, big fan of sushi! When the Dosanko Sushi Moriawase presented on our table, my-oh-my! I wished I could have it ALL by myself! All of it served in sizable sushis which definitely satisfy your craving for it. 
Kaisen Shabu Shabu Collagen Nabe Sukiyaki ( RM 36.80 )
For the night, Ken ordered the Kaisen Shabu Shabu Collagen Nabe Sukiyaki to be shared with everyone! Sukiyaki, Japanese hot pot dish also known as winter dish at Japan just like what we have steamboat at here. As for this one, it comes in generous amount of ingredients - vegetables, various types of mushrooms, tofu, fresh salmon, prawn, scallop, squid and collagen. We're definitely not only enjoy the fresh ingredients but also enjoy slurping the flavorful soup too! 

Salmon Mentaiko
The Salmon Mentaiko is most probably one of my most favorite sushi of the night! It is the grill salmon sushi with cheese which not just unique but also wonderful taste especially when it melt in your mouth. 
Tempura Moriawase ( RM 13.80 )
Deep Fried Chicken Skin
I normally would order the deep fried salmon skin whenever I dine in any Japanese restaurant and for that day, Ken and Eric nonstop praising and mentioned that it is a must to order the Deep Fried Chicken Skin if you were to dine in Sushi Tei. I have to say that I love how crispy and crunchy it is and seriously, I don't mind snacking on it anytime. 
Haru Cheese Roll ( RM 13.80 )
Next come was the Haru Cheese Roll, the deep fried soft shell crab roll with cheese! It tasted equally good as it name but a tad oily to me.

Tropical Dragon Roll ( RM 20.80 )
Something new that I had on that day was the Tropical Dragon Roll. A combination of avocado with sushi is already a weird combination to me and this comes with combination of banana and sushi! It is certainly looks odd to me and everyone of us complimenting it after had one of its. It was only a very thin layer of banana yet it brings a strong flavor of banana which I thought it was pretty good combination with the sushi itself.
Unagi Kabayaki ( RM 27.80 )
Crunchy Tuna ( RM 18.80 )
Gyoza ( RM 9.80 )
Fried Garlic Rice ( RM 10.80 )
Fried rice lover, you may order the Fried Garlic Rice which I find it not oily and tasty. It may look plain but it does tasted so good. 
Chawan Mushi
The Chawan Mushi at Sushi Tei unique in a way that it's not just a plain chawan mushi but topped with generous amount of Salmon roes! I am totally enjoy the feeling of eating it added up with popping-in-the-mouth feeling. 

Durian Ice Cream
Homemade Black Sesame Ice Cream with mochi and red bean paste
Homemade Mango Ice Cream with mochi and red bean paste
To complete our fulfilling dinner, each of us had ice cream for ourselves which definitely a perfect ending of the meal. I had mango flavor ice cream which everyone agreed that it taste much nicer than the tasteless or perhaps weirdo taste of the durian ice cream. 


The Chinese New Year is just around the corner and if you're still have no idea where to have a gathering with friends and family to toss yee sang, why not give a try to Sushi Tei for it comes with affordable price and premium yee sang too. It's definitely worth every penny you're going to spend!

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