8th Photo in my 8th Photo Folder

Some of you may done this.
I was tagged first by Panda Foongpc and then Uncle Tekkaus. :)
Kinda interesting and fun one! =D


Go to your photo files, select the 8th photo folder
Select the 8th photo in that folder

Post that photo along with the story behind it

Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

The 8th photo in my 8th folder is...

023.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Ahhh... back to 2007!
This picture taken during Mentor - Mentee Program in college!

I still remember that some of us students from DTM (Diploma in Tourism Management) was grouped with some of the students of DHTM (Diploma in Hotel Management).
Our mentor - Chef Edward, Head Of Program.

Let me show you the Chef Ed!
( Oops.. didn't keep his picture with me! So, copied from his facebook! )

Chef Edward. 

His very own one.
"Braised Lamb Shank with Apple & Cranberry Glaze"

Alright! Let's back to the topic.
The main theme for the Mentor-Mentee Program - "Fashion Show"
Each group have to come out with their own dress code.
Before we know about our group's code, we've already know some of the code for other groups - Traditional wear, Street wear, Nerdy style, Hip Hop, etc.

Without any discussion of group members, our mentor told us we're going to do fashion show for "Beach Wear" !
Before you guys's mind gone wild, let me tell you that all of the group members get so shocked and don't have any idea what we're going to wear and present!
Some of the group members said that they don't mind to wear bikini. LOL!

Luckily we only have to wear something less but still covered most of the parts of our body!
Sorry, pictures not available. mwahahaha!
If you're in my friendster's list, maybe you can see some of the photos there. :)
(Only if I haven't remove it. :p)

After everything finished, I headed to bestie's  room in hostel.
Had a chit chat and take a short break before headed for movie! =D


And now...
I am kinda missing those moments in college. :3

Okie. Story end.

I would like to know from this 8 former schoolmates of mine!

Elaine / Nicole / Sandra / Alicia / Denise / Tammi / Vky / Walton

and also..

8 blogger friends of mine!

Eric / Isley / Kevin / Bananaz / APAN / Naomi / Mia Liana

[ P/S: I know its only needed 8 person to tagged but I just wanted to have more fun for this one! :) ]


  1. Seeing your pics there just made me wanna sing, "Mary Had A Little Lamb, Little Lamb, Little Lamb.. "


  2. U no tag ME! sobs! :(

  3. Wow...the chef looks so cool! :D

  4. i wana tag u but foong tagged u dy! =D waiting for ur post !!

  5. eh...play tag again pulak...T3T

  6. not yet done with tag ahuhuh
    but will do the versatile tag today

  7. So CUUUTTTEE! I wanna see bikini pics of you!! :P

  8. Nice, but I am sure you don't want to see the 8th photo of myself in my 8th folder. Hehe...

  9. izzit now some sort of trend for tagging ppl around?...

  10. Aiya! this witch notty notty liao! :p

  11. wokie dokie! :D take ur time Milton! :D

  12. thanks for tagging me, Caroline. ...tapi I got no photo folder, anything you wanna know, is in my blog... any of my FIVE blogs :)

  13. Wow Caroline, you learnt how to cook from a chef before? That's super COOL!!!! XD

  14. Btw, *IreneLim Fashion and *Hotel College for you~ ^^

  15. Oh I did this tag edi and it was fun right? Nice to see what mysterious pic appears in the 8th Folder! :D

  16. I miss my college days too, nowadays it's all abt work and stress.. ;)

  17. Hey you. Saw your twitter (via @foongpc) before. Dropping by to check your site ;)

  18. oit.. wat happens to previous comments??? lol..

  19. uh-oh.. actually got quite a number of comments dy at here but since i revert to blogspot, dats y all comments tk some times to recover. :)

    ahhh yes missing it n next yr back to school again! mwahaha

  20. Ooooo....the lamb shank looks like to die for! I want! I want! LOL!!!

  21. Thanks for doing the tag!! Interesting stories there : )

  22. Habis my Baa Baa Black Sheep song... :(

  23. eh.. Mary had a little lamb is back :D

  24. oh...agak menarik gak ni...
    tapi skang ni bz sket la...
    nanti kalau ade amse sy try challenge ni...
    tq sebab tag ni ye...

  25. u are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like the pics. :) thanks for tagging. i will do it later.. hihihi ^^

  26. @Ally C. heee thnx alicia! :) okie waiting for ur post kay! =D