"Wonderful" Boss and Colleagues? *hmph*

I knocked off too early last night!
This is proven am just so damn tired yesterday after whole day doing the ledgers. :S
By the way, I should have thanks to Twitter! Wonderful tweeps inside there just made me feel better whenever am tired of doing that job! =D ( You know who you are. )

Since am talking about my job, please allow me to share few incidents happened lately in the company I'm working for. :)

DSC00380.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Can you see what's that??

Okie my boss "tricked" me!
I didn't realized that I am stepping on it while talking to him and some other workers the other day!
Just until the moment my boss asked me to look on what I stepping on...

A SNAKE !!!!!!!!!

Gosh!! I screamed like hell and almost got heart attack!

As usual, the whole people in the company full with everyone's laughter!

Anyway, we managed to scared one of the client and have to admit that maybe we're a lil bit too much! >.<
The moment the client saw it, he jumped back two steps and screamed as well!
He told us that lucky he don't have heart attack, if not.... 

Just so you know that my zodiac is Snake (same as Merryn!), but I'm scared of it kay?

Alright lets move on to another one.

The next day after snake's incident, one of the workers being so "nice" by bringing some little creatures into office.
Want to know what's that?


Baby MICE ?!?! RAT ?!?!

Thar's really freak me out!
Yea that's another thing that made me jump and scream!


Oh gawd! Look at it!!
I wonder how it is look like if a baby hanged that way!

Oh by the way, do you know human eat those creature?
And they said it is good for health?!
and yummy too!?


One of the most insane worker in the company!
Real YUCKS!!!!

See how "wonderful" boss and colleagues of mine?
They always find something to scare me!

[ P/S: Am not a SCAREDY CAT, kay?! ]


  1. Btw, hope this will not affect on ur appetite to eat later on! :p

  2. What?!?!... What kind of work do you do there caroline????
    Are you a zoologist?!?!
    As far as I know it's only the zoo and the vet that you are allowed to bring a snake

  3. Caroline.. where do u actually work? firstly 10 dogs.. now snakes and rats to be stepped on and eaten.. gosh!! what next? :p

  4. i would say the snake looks so real, and it's really eerie.. you really have a different boss huh.. why leh?? he loves snake so much?? OMG, totally disgusting..

  5. oh yeah, i've seen people eating baby rats.. but this kind is black one, the one i saw is slightly less disgusting which are those white types.. hmmm, i wonder why they want to eat that, i think it's just a myth that they are good for health, it's just so inhumane..

  6. LOL!!!! im working thr as account assistant! :)
    that snake is dead one, dey hit it till it died.
    the snake sneaked into our store that time. hahaha

  7. LOL! the snake is dead one dy! not my boss's . :p

  8. hahahahaha!!! i know its really weird!!!

  9. eeuw yucks! dat one totally disgusting!! dat time its really freak me out!
    i dnt believe in such things! to me, rat is dirty animal!! xD

  10. Did your friend choke? Too cruel! :(

  11. Aiyor...so bad! How can they bully you like that? I thought your heart is not so strong? Cilaka those people, bully young girl!!! Baby mice...I heard good for people with asthma.

  12. Yea la. sigh. dey always did that! thats y i said ppl can die one. T.T

  13. the first two photos of mice are cute but the last one is a big no! eeeewwww... LOL

  14. The snake looks nice!
    Looks like an albino python.
    and hey, baby mickey mouse!

  15. Eewwww I just had lunch and saw your colleague eating baby mouse! GROSSS!!!

  16. Caroline! As you knew you have been tagged! You are one of the 8 lucky bloggers picked by me to do a special "88" mission! Don't forget to do it ok!


  17. wokie dokie! will do! =D thanks uncle!

  18. gross leh! after i post this up, i never open c read it again! LOL

  19. hey caroline! ewwww! i don't think i can take that if i were on your place! i think i'd go nuts!

  20. Haha...your work place is so interesting~ XP

  21. I used to always play with those baby mice when i was still primary school last time.
    but never eat them.
    baby mice are cute, and they are very clean actually

  22. This post is very EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scaring me continuously!! So scary! scaryy scary... I sound like a scaredy ghost now...

  23. hahahaha!!! naomi!! ghost oso got scaredy ghost one ah!?!!?? LOL

  24. lol! its kinda "interesting"! (i guess) xD