Wave Goodbye to Bro Delvin

As mentioned in my previous post that am going to meet Bro Delvin in the afternoon.
I was feeling excited and happy! =D

Mom saw me wearing short and she said no short allowed at there.
I was like.. WTH?!
Fine then. Changed.

Alright, I know it's still within Sabah but hey not so near from my house lor.
So, who else going?
Parents, Bro Gilbert and I.

When we arrived the main gate there, goodness! So many security guards at there!
Actually I don't bother with so many guards there but one thing pissed me off!
They stopped us from going in to my bro's hostel at.
They said we were not allowed to go in for visitation as this is still registration day.
They only let us go inside after Mom then said want to send some stuffs to my bro.

We so happy to see Bro Delvin!
Mom gave him all his stuffs with the dinner as well.
(ok la, I have to he cooked well than me. :p )

Took some pictures with him.
No! Only a few!
Thanks to the guards for keep on reminding us not to stay long! :<

DSC00429.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Mom saw him and the first word come out is:
Why didn't iron your shirt?!
Don't lazy already ah!
( Mwahaha <-- me laughed )

DSC00430.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

He don't give face at all, asked him to smile a bit also don't want!
He even said this to me:
" You want my friends say you small girl ah now? "

DSC00433.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

- Bro Gilbert and I -

Okay I know he is now almost same height as me.
Am so short!! :<

DSC00431.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Three of us! =D

DSC00432.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Me! Outside the cafeteria.
The cafeteria quite big!
However, no guarantee if the foods is nice. XD

After talked to bro Del for a while, we really have to leave, maybe FORCED to leave is more accurate.
Going to miss him a lot!

[ P/S :  So many rules and it's kinda pissed me off ]


  1. Eh so cute la bro Gilbert! Reminds me of my hubby's nephew he he! :D

  2. dis time got the chop or noooot? LOL! :D

  3. IPTA usually many laws one. At least the guard let you all in.

  4. Yalor...so benci these people! All the rules...also discipline everything sucks big time!!! Bunga banyak, other things ZERO!!! I sent my daughter to the institute in Kedha - exactly the same, maybe even worse!

    Bye2...*waves to Caroline's bro!!! Study hard!

  5. lol! yes Naomi! if d guard dnt let us in, sure we going to mengamuk one! haha

  6. lol! yea u're d FC! =D

    cute? so fat one him! haha! wei ur hubby's nephew oso ur nephew wat. lol

  7. me so damn pissed off actually! haha but maybe cz i never been in public uni oso la. whoaa even worse?! gosh this one ord enuff to mk me pissed off!

  8. Bro Gilbert is ever so obliging to smile eh? the other one.. ish.. so garang, me scared! Caroline, you wore tee! YOU wore tee! *faint*

  9. pity u all the guards imposed so many rules on u all.. but lucky can c a while :)

  10. food guarantee 200% sucks!!! all public uni also like that de...=____=

  11. It looks like you had a great time with your family my friend. You look great in this pics also :D

  12. LOL! got so teruk ma?! wat la! but actually seems not nice oso. :p

  13. hehehe thnx!! =D great time but now no more, he's not goin back home so soon. :(

  14. yea la. :s so sien one all the guards! lol

  15. dey act cool only one! hahaha! woi so hairan meh ?! never see me in tee??? LOL!

  16. Good luck to brother Delvin! Muahaha I thought you're the eldest? But how come the shortest? LOL!

  17. @iamthewitch yish so jahat! me d shortest one summore! hmph hmph. LOL

  18. @iamthewitch yish so jahat! me d shortest one summore! hmph hmph. LOL

  19. Gee...Caroline, you look pretty in a t-shirt~ ^^

  20. Rules, rules......can break them...LOL!

  21. hey this is nice :) like how close ur family is :)

  22. ur bro went to uni ka? where? he study what course?

  23. @Petewei wei cant break rules at thr. ahahaha!