Fluffy Friday : Bobo !

TGIF peeps!
Oh yea! Am joining the Fluffy Friday again!
This time will be featuring Bobo the doggie.

She used to has a very fluffy fur but you know someone someone brought her to the vet and shaved it all!
So, you can only see her fluffy hair.
She's an adorable dog and actually very "good girl", if she wants to pee or poo, she will just bark and we just need to bring her to the toilet.
Well well, she don't just eat dog food plainly but must mixed it with milk!
See, it's just like how we human eat cereal with milk!

Anyway, just got to know about our neighbor did something like this to their dog!
Yes, testicles implant surgery! And now it can't breed at all.
Of course, am surprised why they did it to the dog and found out the dog actually way much too naughty.
Naughty as in daytime wandered around the neighborhood and "make-love" with other female dogs!

I told Eric about this, and he actually more pity the dog!
Lol! He even felt how worst the feeling is!
While me on the other side, laughing at him for so worry and pity the dog!

The Friday has been very awesome to me not till I got to know about the Tsunami hits Japan after the large earthquake. Sigh. Natural disaster again.
Looking at those humans and buildings being washed away by 20ft high wave...
Let's just pray for those victims in Japan.

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