MM : Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

You know what?
I hate you! You was once a lovely friend that I know but slowly you turned out such a #$%* to me. ( I know for some of them too. )
I even feel like puking for each time.

Oh well, I ranted for I guess an hour or more at daytime, I felt better.
Tell you, I actually talked to Sheena and Hanie, both them told me almost the same things.
I learned something.

Anyway, after that later at night I talked to dad about it.
Don't be shocked how I can actually talked to my dad about this. *LOL*
He told me something and made me realized something too!
I also remember someone told me about something sounds like this - sometime it is better not to know someone too deep in case you found out the ugly thing about her that you dislike. I found some truth inside her words.

So, well of course I gotta choose between make love or war, so I chose to make love.
I felt bad too for I think back I shouldn't rant that way, just that I don't like people with that kind of attitude.
Confidence is crucial but there's a difference with OVER-CONFIDENCE, sometime perhaps you should mirror yourself. ( I know I got no right to say this but you know! )

I know everyone not perfect including myself, and who knows some of you not satisfy with me and actually pretending only right?
I will never know also.
After all it's just the matter if people can accept just the way you are.

Today wanted to share my all time favorite song, and song that I actually found peace and calm in myself.

Not to forget to wish my primary school classmate, Sabrina Goh a blessed 22nd birthday!
Happy Music Monday and have a great week ahead!

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