Twestival : Tweet. Meet. Give.

Have you heard of "Twestival"?


Twestival also known as Twitter Festival. From the word "Twitter", obviously it uses social media platform to get connected with everyone! It started with a single tweet. However, special thing here is it is for good as it is related to charity! How about the word "Festival" ? Well, that's the day for the highlight event itself! 

It is a GLOBAL CHARITY but this year they are donating to the LOCAL.
For this year, the charity funds will goes to Sabah Society for The Blind.
Basically, it is all about raising fund for them and 100% will be theirs.

According to the KK Twestival site, the funds will be put to use  to develop and implement small-scale income-generating prjects, speciafically the mushroom cultivation, organic vegetable farming and nursery (fruits and flowers) program located ar the Wallace Sheltered Workshop in Tuaran. As the blind are limited by the types of work they can perform, channeling aid into the expansion of their farming program will create more opportunities for them to generate sustainable income. 

KOTA KINABALU TWESTIVAL 2011 @ 24 March 2011

Peeps, it is a fund raising event, but you know you could have fun too!
Why not come and you only need to pay RM 30 for the door entrance.
Why not come to support this right?


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No worry, the registration is now open!

Just head to Origin Cafe at Karamunsing Capital and look for this lady called Starr and purchase your entrance ticket!

RM 30 for entrance ( based on First-come, First-serve. QUICK! )
RM 5 for Food Coupons ( Just buy as much as you can, you can buy more and donate more too! :p )

Please contact Starr Nguyen at Origin Cafe.
Origin Cafe
Lot G-0-1, Ground Floor Level, Karamunsing Capital
Contact: Starr Nguyen
hp: 0109318869
landline: 088448620
Operation hours
Mon - Thu and Sunday 11am - 12 midnight
Friday and Saturday 12noon - 1am

Yes! Auction time!
Yes it is part of the events too!
As the guests, who can bid the highest amount can date with the bachelors and bachelorettes!
Woot Woot!!

Still remember her?? :p
She's auctioning herself too!
Bid as high as possible to go for a date with her
* Remember your bidded amount 100% will go for the Blind Society too!

Alright, just let you know something that she mentioned about herself at here.

I can't live without... : 
Ice Creams and Yogurt. 
If you want me to be happy, buy me anything with ice cream or anything with yogurt. 
Oh YogurBerry please! I can have it like every day!
Favorite thing to do in Sabah: 
It’s the best thing to do in Sabah to explore the other world. 
Plus, Sabah has the most beautiful diving destinations such as the Sipadan Island. 
Corals and the marine life are the most fascinating creatures! 

Amount of money you'd have to pay me to do skydiving: 
Never really did something like this. 
Now, dare me to skydive with you! 
But please guard my life, my parents love me!

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