Healthy Meal at Kenny Roger's

After done with our brunch, Eric and I headed to KL!
Shopping time of course!
We first went to Fahrenheit 88, I've never been to Uniqlo so well that's my first time there!
Anyway, we found nothing that suit us at there, or maybe just us.

Chinese New Year decoration at Fahrenheit 88


We walked for a while and happy that can get new Tee-s for Eric.
Well don't look at how "big" is him, he actually just wear M size clothes!

We just don't want to waste our time walking around there so we proceed to Time Square.
Although am a girl, but tell you I don't like take tooo long time for shopping!
I get exhausted and yes gonna start complaint tired, tired and tired!
Done with shoppings and both us getting hungry.
Well, after checking out what food to eat, we settled ourselves at Kenny Rogers.

[ source ]

I know I know, it's one of the fast foods chain but do you know that Kenny Rogers' healthy fact?
Well, you may read it at link provided above.

Both us actually opted for Kenny's Quarter Chicken Meal which is consist of Roasted 1/4 Chicken with three side dishes and one Kenny's home-made muffin

 => Roasted 1/4 Chicken + Garden Pasta Salad (Spiral pasta, broccoli, capsicum, carrot & onion in cheese & special Italian Dressing) + Potato Salad (Potato wedges, sweet relish, onion & capsicum with a hint of mustard) + Fresh Fruit Salad (A medley of fresh mouth-watering fruits)

And for myself...
=> Roasted 1/4 Chicken + Macaroni and Cheese (Macaroni smothered in rich cheddar cheese sauce) + Fresh Fruit Salad (A medley of fresh mouth-watering fruits)

And another one side dish for me was this Mashed Potato and Gravy (Creamy whipped mashed potatoes laced with rich chicken gravy)

We both were actually full already but you know something that you can't resist at Kenny Rogers...

Kenny's Home-made Chocolate Muffins
I love the moist texture of the muffins! 
I think I ate both of em too! *oops!*

For drinks? We just go for unlimited refill beverages, coke.
See, fast food chains not necessarily serve you high cholesterol meal, you just got to check it out!Smiley