Sushi King not really my favorite...

but.. I was craving for Japanese quite badly and the nearest we can get - Sushi King!
Yes, you know why, it's only 1 hour lunch time.
We quickly get a parking and actually we took quite long to get parking especially it falls on the weekend.

As soon as we arrived and took a seat, we start figure out what to eat for lunch.
We did not want too long so we actually go for the sushi train after ordered one bento set.

Green tea for the drinks.

Wasabi anyone?

Well we saw this!Free Smiley
So, we actually grab two sets!

"Soft Shell Crab Temaki" - Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Fish Roe, Cucumber and Mayonnaise 

So, we actually quite rush and yet still tried hard to take our sweet time to enjoy the sushis.

Most of you know about Sushi King using the sushi maker machine to make their sushis right?
Well, am not sure but I definitely much prefer if they use their own hands to prepare it.
I know good thing, they can prepare it faster than others.
But, am just think that it lack in taste.

"Golden Ball" - Deep Fried Egg, Shredded Crab Stick and Mayonnaise

"Chuka Iidako" - Seasoned Baby Octopus

"Ebi Ten" - Prawn Tenpura

"Salmon Sushi" - Raw Salmon

"Takohachi Sushi" - Fish Cake

"Salmon Skin Piri-Piri" - Deep Fried Salmon Skin with spicy sauce

Believe me or not? That was my very first time to eat this salmon skin!
It tasted so delicious than I ever thought! One thing, it's actually not that spicy but sweet!!

Bento set to share with. 

Ice Cream!
I don't really like this one as it melted so fast while I haven't even start to eat it.

Stephanie and Olivia

Oh well, it was a fun lunch we had - rushing and trying to finish up the food quickly.
I still remember how Stephanie and I get panicked for we couldn't find the car as we forgot where we parked it at!Smiley
Sushi King will still one of my choice whenever I craving for Japanese foods!