Pizza Hut? Improvement! =D

Lately, am not in the mood of doing anything, yes ANYTHING.
Even how hard I've tried not to count the days left at here, it's hard when other people actually been reminding you about it.Smiley
Oh, by the way I try not to neglect my blog tho.
I know there's nothing to shout about the Pizza Hut.
Since ever I had sucky lunch at Pizza Hut previously, I never wanted to visit that particular branch anymore.
However, it was an exception last Tuesday after my colleagues persuaded me with the hope that there is improvement done.
So, there we go Pizza Hut at Likas again.

We got the menu and ordered Sensasi Delight Personal Set for each of us.
Well, I guess that's the most affordable way where you can choose your own pizza, pasta or rice which comes with 1 glass of drink, 1 soup-of-the-day and 4 pcs of bread sticks.

Soup-of-the-day : Chicken Mushroom soup
It's much better than what I've tasted previously and this is not that watery at all.

Bread sticks baked perfectly fine on that day, no burnt parts too.

Dip the bread stick into the soup and I enjoyed eating it!

This time, the pasta not overcooked and al dente! Love it!
My Chicken Carbonara Spaghetti  tasted delicious and creamy too!
And it comes with 2 pcs of bread sticks.

Olivia's Tempura Prawn Spaghetti tasted nice too!
She enjoyed it a lot and somehow the serving is quite big to her.

Stephanie tried their Chicken Arrabiatta Rice and I loveeeee the sauce gravy!
It tasted quite special and goes well with the chicken and rice!
I even take a bread stick and dipped in the thick gravy sauce!Smiley

Ms Chang as usual will ordered this Garlic Butter Chicken Pizza and previously she only ate the most 2 pieces but she somehow can finish it that day!
The taste improved a lot!Smiley

Stephanie, Olivia, Ms Chang and Caroline

We finished up everything happily and the waitress asked us if the foods okay or not.Smiley
All this while, no waitress did that before, and we're so glad that they actually improved lots in both foods and services.

Sherman Koh