Enjoy Jaya Cafe & Easy Way @ KK Taipan, Inanam.

Since ever KK Taipan fully built at Inanam, most of the banks moved to there and can see many food outlets owner set up their subsidiary business at there too.
Colleagues and I always tend to hunt for something different for our lunch.
We always took turn to suggest foods, and most of the time they tend to ask me what I want to eat or is there any foods that I'm craving for?Smiley
If you ask me, I would want to try all those foods offered by new outlet.

Why this? My brother has been telling me about the foods at this Enjoy Jaya Cafe very nice.
I thought it just another Malay foods place for people.
Not until I saw what they're offering from the menu given.

There are many and various foods for you to choose for.
E.g. Nasi Goreng Amerika? Pattaya? Lalap? Tom Yam? Thailand?
Now can I say they're serving something "international" ? Smiley
Too bad that we only have ONE hour short time for lunch, and we can't even wait for food offered in the menu as there are many people and you just gotta wait for at least 20-30 minutes.
So, we go for the mixed rice with some dishes.

Bitter gourd and Chicken cooked with oyster sauce
The bitter gourd tasted not bitter at all and chicken meat sliced thinly and tender.
And it is really rare I guess for bitter gourd cooked with oyster sauce.
Well, I guess the oyster sauce covered all the bitterness which is good!

Chicken Curry
The chicken meat were so tender! The curry not too spicy too.
Just that they complained about it is a lil too oily for them.

Fried Kangkung cooked with Fermented Bean Curd + Fish cooked with Salted Soy Bean
Do you find something different here? 
Unlike other place where they will cooked kangkung with dried shrimp or belacan, they cooked it plainly with fermented bean curd. It gives the aromatic smell and delicious unique flavor too!
I don't know about others, but my mom usually steamed fish with salted soy bean and never fry fish with that.
It smells great and Ms Chang enjoyed eating soft tender fish meat too!

Chicken cooked with Black Fungus and Fermented Bean Curd + Japanese Tofu with egg
Initially, I thought it was Ayam Masak Merah, but was surprised after took a bite of the chicken!
I hardly figure out what's the taste, it was the strong flavor of fermented bean curd! I love to see black fungus on my dish too!
For those who know me well, I would always take the Japanese Tofu whenever I saw them!Smiley

Stephanie, Caroline and Ms Chang

Three of us were all satisfied with our lunch and actually we found out everything were all in huge serving!
When we thought we have to pay something expensive, we're quite surprised that we only had to pay RM 4 each for our foods!Smiley
Most of the time, we actually have to fork out RM 6-7 for lunch like this.

Another nice thing about this Enjoy Jaya Cafe is the next door is the Easy Way!
If you come to Sabah, am pretty sure you can easily heard about Yoyo Cafe or Easy Way for their famous bubble tea drinks!
Since it is just the next door, Stephanie and I went in and ordered drinks to bring back office.

You can see that it is the best quality of Taiwan brand!
They're not only selling milky tea but also blended ice, fresh juice, milk/ice shake, tea and flavored tea (green tea).
There are also pudding, toast bread, snacks, and various toppings to choose from!
Many youngster nowadays love to hang out with friends at night and this place is one of their favorite place.
With drinks and foods available, it is just nice for supper, don't you think so?

Easy Way

Honey Milky Tea + Pearl & Peppermint Milky Tea + Pearl

It is only RM 3.90 for each drink.
I love the soft chewy pearls inside my drink!Smiley
Affordable eh?