I was a bit grumpy this morning!
Don't ask me why.

There's lots thing on my mind, I feel like there's many things undone yet little time left only.
When I thought "Oh! I still have the times" then only realized "Ohno! Not much time left!!"
Just to calm myself down and trying to relax a bit before start to do some important things, I did some quizzes at Blogthings!

Are You Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter?

You Are Twitter

You are energetic to the point of being hyperactive. You are the ultimate multitasker.
~ Yes I do! Tell you am really a multitasker everyday!Smiley

You don't have much of an attention span for anything. You like things short and sweet.
~ I don't like read or type long things when am in busy mode! So, tweeting is the best!Free Smiley

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You can't help but let everyone know what you're doing, even if it's just what you're having for dinner.
~ *Ahem* It's not that I tweet every single thing I do, especially when am in busy mode, hardly to see my tweets appear in your timeline for sure! Anyway, if you happened to see my tweet about dinner, just wanted to share with you! Free Smiley

You are big on sharing what's going on in your life. If anything, you share too much! 
~ If you follow me on twitter, you're surely can get to know what's am happy about, am sad or rant about, and of course some juicy news dat I retweet! It's interesting you know! I try not to share too much though.

With a smartphone, I can't help myself but TWEET!
I love how I can get the latest news in a second! I love how I can keep in touch with friends through twitterville!
Free Smiley
Well, I guess it's time for to stop myself from internet and get things done!
Happy Wednesday peeps!