A Makeover Session with Young Blood Cosmetics

When you're having a bad skin day, the last thing that you wanna apply on your face is makeup. The fear of the makeup going to clog your pores and concealer that going to make your existing acne worse - it's like a nightmare!

Trust me, I was really tempted to do a reschedule with Young Blood Cosmetics due to having bad skin day on that particular week. However, I was kinda convinced by what both Shana and Shivani told me before about how amazing the product and not only it won't clog your skin, but also giving you a full coverage! Now, it does sound like a dream that every girl could ask for!

the story.

Granting women the power to conceal and correct imperfect complexions has always been the mission of Pauline Youngbloodfounder and president of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. Pauline draws inspiration from nature as well as her own practical experience as a paramedical aesthetician to dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

During her career as a medical aesthetician, Pauline was in daily contact with patients who had severely traumatized skin from harsh laser treatments, acne, rosacea and cosmetic surgeries. Such patients often take up to six months before their skin returns to normal, and Pauline simply was not satisfied with the makeup options available.
Pauline began working with chemists to develop a suitable option — a product that would cover raw, inflamed or discolored skins while allowing it to breathe and heal. This led to her initial work with natural mineral cosmetics.
"The concept of mineral makeup was great, but the quality was missing," Pauline says. 
"The colors weren't realistic; they were too pink or orange, and they looked artificial."
She began formulating her first loose mineral foundation, which provided excellent coverage and a natural appearance without clogging the skin. Pauline's patients experienced such dramatic success with her new formula that they continued using it long after their skin had healed. Before long, patients and friends convinced her to make this natural mineral foundation commercially available, and in 1996 Pauline founded Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.
More than 15 years later, Pauline's Natural Mineral Foundation is the flagship product, and Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is now a complete line, offering dozens of products in a comprehensive palette of shades with realistic skin tones and beautiful, natural finishes. Youngblood continues to create top-quality products that are innovative in both formulation and packaging.
Pauline's compassion led her to develop her first products in a medical setting. Today, her company carries on her original values: a passion for providing the healthiest, highest quality products, while empowering women to look and feel their best.

prepping the skin.

Vinz first applied the Eye Compact Recovery Eye Cream on my under eyes.
tip: Apply your eye cream not too close to the eyes to avoid concealer creases throughout the day.

Next, he applied the Mineral Primer to prep my skin properly before applying the foundation.
It is super lightweight and loves how it smoothes the appearance of my pores and created an even surface for foundation.

the base.

So, here's the thing. It puzzled me a little when Vinz started applying the Loose Mineral Rice Setting Powder on my face. We normally apply the setting powder as the last step to set our makeup. It seems a totally different case when it comes to loose powder foundation. Apparently, by applying the Loose Mineral Rice Setting Powder first will create a perfect, smooth and even base for your loose powder foundation. I kid you not, my skin feel like baby-butt soft after he applied this on my face!

Now it comes to its most awarded product - Loose Mineral Foundation - claims to be able to create the naturally flawless look you've always coveted with this ultra-fine, luxurious mineral powder that works as a foundation, concealer and powder all-in-one! Its exclusively designed container dispenses the precise amount of powder you need. The lightweight silky texture of this loose mineral foundation is the result of a unique "trade secret" milling process, giving smooth application, buildable coverage, and a soft radiant finish without any glitter or shimmer.

Best things about this product - it is perfect for any skin type, including sensitive skin. Also, it is enriched with minerals that provide UVA/UVB protection as well as having covering/tinting and reflectivity capabilities. It is completely free from talc, perfumes, and chemical dyes and like all Youngblood products, it is non-comedogenic and cruelty-free.

The picture above showing how half of my face looking flawless after Vinz buffed the product on my skin. I'm totally impressed with how it provide such coverage and yet not feeling cakey at all!


Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad - Starlet
Pressed Individual Eyeshadow - Gilded
Incredible Wear Gel Liner - Eclipse
Brow Artiste Kit - Brunette


Hi-Def Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder
Crushed Mineral Blush - Tulip
Mineral Radiance - Sundance (Bronzer)
Lunar Dust - Twilight


Hydrating Lip Tint SPF15 - Rose
Lip Liner Pencil - Rosé
Lipstick - Tangelo

before & after.

I am really impressed with the total makeover done by Vinz. I actually still couldn't believe how buildable the coverage by the loose mineral foundation, it really covers at least 98% of my acne scars and of course, there's no way to even out or flatten the acne bumps. Not only I got to learn the tips and tricks on applying all the Young Blood Cosmetics products on my skin, but also the tips on how to apply eye makeup on hooded eyelids as well as the amazing trick on applying the bronzer for my face shape! And hey, I really love the bright red-orangey lip color!

Thank you, Shana, for inviting over for the awesome makeover session and Vinz for making me looking pretty and flawless! I've been enjoying the products since the day I got them on hand, trust me, it's literally my go-to products when it come to full coverage foundation!

ps. All Youngblood products are available at all AsterSpring and authorized Youngblood retailing outlets nationwide.

Website: www.ybskin.com | Instagram: @youngblood_my


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