Fresh Seafood @ Cape 9 Seafood Restaurant at Kampung Air Hitam, Banting

Since I moved to KL, I hardly had any seafood for I thought it's hard to get fresh seafood at here. Well, am wronged. Eric and family quite picky in foods, don't get me wrong as what I'm trying to say here is they know where's the good food at! So, if you were to try to recommend some nice foods to them, do make sure it is really good. If they said not bad, means it is good and if they say so-so only, not sure they're going back there or not then. Talking about seafood, they don't mind to go further for some good and fresh seafood!
Cape 9 Seafood
We gotta passed by a small village and yea the road at there quite bumpy yet it worth it go through all the way to there. I was quite surprised with the riverside view when we arrived there. Am wondering if anyone of you been to here before.

The place
Riverside view
I simply love the riverside view with the mangroves trees at opposite only. I bet the calm river given me simply pleasant noon to have my lunch there. Been hearing how they praised the foods at there, I myself too can't wait to start to try the simply yet yummylicious lunch for that day.

We started with their signature Fried Beehoon. I was wondering why is it so nice about this simply fried beehoon as I thought everyone could do so! The taste really impressed me! It's so delicious and I can't help myself to get another serving of it.

It followed by another signature Lala Fried Beehoon. Right, another beehoon? I am not a fan of lala though this one tasted really great!

If you wondered, their Fried Rice is good too! Though to me, it's not as nice as the fried beehoon. Well thats what we had to eat with the rest of the dishes.

There's always at least one type of green dish in our meal and our pick for the day was the Fried Kailan ( am I correct? ) . It cooked so well that I can feel the crunchiness when am eating it. 

Next come was the Fried Chicken. I love the how crispy the skin were yet the meat were so tender!! The meat were not thick and it was just nice. I do really wants to know how they fried it till sooo dry yet can maintain the tenderness of the chicken meat. 

Something not to be missed, the Fried Sotong! Eric and sibling love sotong very much. I myself too not denying it of course. :p The fried sotong was tasted great too. 

The following dish was the Steamed Fish. It tasted so-so only to me, perhaps I have tried other nicer one. Of course, no harm to try it and who knows you will like it ?

Last but not least, we had the Lala in premium soup. I super love ginger and yes this definitely one of my favorite! Eric's mom always say that I am weird as I don't eat spicy but love ginger. She got a point there, I also not sure but I do really love the taste of ginger! 

For all the dishes above, bet you sure wondering if it is going to burn a hole in your pocket. Well, it only cost RM 127 for everything. The seafood served there really fresh and I don't mind to come all the way to here next time. The all of us went back with happy tummy for sure!