Nasi Lemak 2.0 Gala Premiere at E@curve

As I mentioned in my previous post, I will share photos taken on the Nasi Lemak 2.0 Gala Premiere night. I really had an enjoyable night with other bloggers and the stars. Both Eric and I were thankful to Henry for the passes given to both us. Well now, let the pictures do the talking, shall we?
Huge Screen
Media Registration
The crowd
We arrived there 6.45pm for the registration and start snapping pictures. We could see the place getting packed with the crowds and guess everyone excited for the movie too! The OST for the movie repeatedly played during all the session before the red carpet event started. 

Am with my new baby BB9900! 
All the invited guest proceed with the buka puasa dinner, foods served were simply good. I love the wings! 
Foods served for buka puasa dinner
Fellow bloggers in da house
OneFM DJ played interactive games with the crowds
JiaYeen, Yeeing, Me and Ryan
They are all FUN peeps!
After the buka puasa dinner, Eric and I joined Henry proceed to the private event in the Laundry Bar. All the stars were there and we get to snap pictures and talked to them too.
Namewee and Eric
Yours Truly and Namewee
Karen Kong and I
Karen Kong and Eric
The Little Namewee in the movie!
Next was their interview session with the media. It was so crowded and I decided to just get out from the crowd and breathe some air while Eric joined others tried to snap pictures of them. 
Adibah Noor
Adibah Noor and I
The gorgeous Nadine Ann Thomas
The sexy Felixia Yeap
The cute Karen Kong
Before we proceed with the screening session, there were red carpet gala for the stars. We can see all the stars and co-star in the movie appearance and it was soo great to get to see them. Guess they look familiar to some of you. ;) 
After the movie screening, we all get to proceed to the hall and had some photography session with the stars and co-stars. They were all very friendly people and so happy to meet them in real. Just so you know, am not journalist or famous people who get to attend events with so many stars like this, taking pictures with them not a crime right? 
A group pic with the Little Namewee
Nadine  and I
Yours Truly and Felixia Yeap
Picture with the stars!
Phewit! See who is happy boy now? Surrounded by two hawt ladies! 
Denise Lau and I
You must watch this movie to know who is him! xD
Eric with the stars
I was very happy and to meet Johnson who actually came all the way from Sabah for this Gala Premiere Night. As always, it always great to meet people from hometown. We had a short chit chat session regarding the movie and he told me if the respond for this movie is good, there might be next come up. Well, am looking forward to it! 
Johnson and I
We were all invited for the post party and get to partying with all the stars on that night. Though Eric and I didn't stay for long as the next day was Monday.