Pre-Birthday Dinner for Quachee @ Plan B, Bangsar

Today, is the second day of Hari Raya, also the 54th anniversary for our country, Malaysia, but how can I forget about our buddy's 30th birthday? No, of course not. It was already a one year plus since I know him and yes things are doing great. Well, Quachee invited both Eric and I for his pre-birthday dinner celebration at Plan B Restaurant at Bangsar on the last Saturday night. If you are wondering why he celebrated it earlier? It's because he has already had some plan to enjoy his birthday on the actual date which is today.
Quachee and Mother
The pre-birthday dinner only attended by some good friends of him that some we never met before except for Erika and Foong. But hey, it's not hard to hanging out with them as everyone were so friendly! Shall we look into the foods we had on that night? ( Hopefully I can remember all the name for the foods! )
Iced Chocolate
Watermelon Lychee
Apple Mint
Red Wine
Some of us ordered few different drinks but red wine is something not to be missed during any celebrations I guess. Juices were freshly served on that night and I personally love the Iced Chocolate which come with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it. It seem that Ked enjoyed the minty taste in his Apple Mint

Each everyone of us had the toast as starter while get to know with each other at there. It was so glad get to know some Pinoy friends! I would say everyone is just so easy going type and Ked and Richard being so kind to us on that night. Not to forget when we start the topic of eating Balut! 

(Ohmy! I couldn't remember what is this! :( hopefully am correct. )
Fisherman's Catch
(Another dish that am not sure what name is it :( )
Short Rib Rendang
Roasted Cherry Tomato Spaghettini
Asian-Style Golden Softshell Crab Spaghetti
I guess this is the star of the night as most of them ordered this Asian-Style Golden Softshell Crab Spaghetti. I get to try couple spoon from Eric and I do love the crispy softshell crab. *yums*

Spaghetti Bolognese (Beef)
Spaghetti Marinara
Basil Pesto Spaghetti
Spaghettini Carbonara
Nyonya Laksa
Oh well, I think the pasta were good and I love the fresh seafood in my Spaghetti Marinara. Do you realized that all their serving is in a quite huge portion?? I remember that our teacher Erika couldn't finish up her spaghetti on that night. 

B's Chocolate Cake
Foong, Eric and I ordered the B's Chocolate Cake for our dessert. I love the chocolate cake very much for its rich, moist and chocolatey taste and it comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. What a perfect one! Though we were quite surprised when Jack came and told us that the birthday cake is also the same cake as what we had ordered! Ohno! We should not have ordered that! *LOL* 

30th Birthday Cake 
The cake finally arrived our table and yes three of us felt a bit regret for ordering the same one. There were TWO birthday boys on that night and it's none other than Quachee and best buddy Andrew. They shared the same birthday date! How awesome is that? 

Oh boy! They really have such a BIG MOUTH!  *LOL*
Birthday boys cutting cake together.
Everyone get to try the delicious chocolatey cake! And we also had some Royce chocolate to enjoy on that night too. Quachee received few pressie on that night and on of them was by Foong, Eric and I. The three of us gave him a lomo camera with the films. 

Lomo Camera
We do really hope you get to enjoy using it and snap and show us! :p It was great to know that he was thinking about lomo camera the week before that. We enjoyed catching up with each other and the foods were really good too. What else more we could ask for?

Quachee and I
Caroline, Eric, Foong and Erika
Richard and Ked
Guess who was in the house on that night too? It was Cheryl Samad ! Alright, she is not in our group but it was great to meet her on that night. She was so sweet and yes even wished Quachee a Happy Birthday! 

Cheryl and I
Thank you so much for invited us for the pre-birthday dinner. We wish you good luck and successful in your future. Happy blessed 30th birthday! Looking forward to see you soon!