Lunch Date with P.O.P @ Nando's, Sungei Wang

Sorry for lacking updates lately, some part caused by I'm losing my blogging mojo and some part caused by my hectic life. Anyway anyway, just let me share my experience for having lunch date with the band called Prince Of Pop. I was pretty excited to meet them as they are all from the land below the the wind, Sabah. 

Prince Of Pop
Their journey begun from 2006 up till present. The Prince Of Pop started with the combination of two different group members that joined the first season of the reality show called Gangstarz. On the 2007, the name of the band changed from Triple Prince to Da'Prinz  during the second trial on the second season of the Gangstarz. They had recorded EP songs with title called " Ada Hiivai Dandi Toh & Nung Noilaan Ku " and also had been performing from place to place at Sabah. 2009, they represented Sabah to join the GAwai-Kaamatan festival at Auditorium P.Ramlee, Kuching, Sarawak which organized by the RTM.

2010, they met Cat Farish and were offered to be artist under the Cat Presents Production Sdn Bhd. They came out with a single titled " Buku Baru " which had been the soundtrack for the drame named "Seribu Kali Cinta" in TV3. Till the year of 2011 which is present year, they had won the Anugerah Juara Lagu Carta Kadazan Tempatan RTM Sabah on the last 12th March. Their band name were changed again to P.R.Inc and finally to P.O.P. 

Fresh beverage
Foods prepared by Nando's
Picture session
It was more to a chillaxing lunch session rather than serious mode as the four of them had been very friendly towards their fans on that afternoon. They're not that shy nor being arrogant type towards everyone. After they done with introduction of the group, there were some photo session before the lunch started. 

a snap with Anastasia and another new friend
with Feeq
By any chance, I get to talked to them too! Ahh well, it was good to see some people that origin from own hometown and speak the same slang language and yea it made me feels real good. I also get to know the sweet lady, Anastasia who are from Rentak Sejuta and she's from Sabah too! It was like we've known for quite some time and catching up time for us. *LOL*

Lucky Draw*1
Lucky Draw*2
A big snap!
It's not merely lunch date, there were also time for fun! Not just game but lucky draw too! I guess lady luck was with Eric and I as both us get to won some prizes too! And yes it was followed by some photo session before waving goodbye to everyone. It might just a simple lunch but I believe that the four members from POP very happy to get to see their fans and had a great bonding time with everyone too. 

Prince Of Pop
Oh did I mentioned they are currently promoting their new single and they actually had their showcase on that day too at Sungei Wang Plaza. Let's wish them luck and success in their journey to the top. It might be hard but well, nothing is easy and always keep in mind that Nothing Is Impossible! All the best, POP!