90 mins Aromatherapy Massage @ Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

I believe everyone of you have many different kind of ways to release tensions and no one can deny that aromatherapy is being one of them. It is one of the excellent ways for relaxation and stress relief. Other than that, it also helped in relief minor discomfort mood enhancement, balance and well being. Another plus point for aromatherapy is it also boosting the immune, respiratory and circulatory system. How is it help? There are particular oil used and have an affinity with certain systems of the body helping to alleviate respiratory, digestive, circulatory or hormonal problems. The treatment session is normally one and half hours which is equal to 90mins.

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care
I NEVER go for massage as am a very ticklish person! Do not be surprised with my reaction when you happened to tickle me next time. Alright, having a chance to go for this pampering massage session was really highly appreciated. Why? I was in a rather tense mood and getting exhausted for helping out during the MATTA Fair and I hardly imagine there's no chillax weekend for me so this massage session really a bonus for me!


Dear Eric fetched me and we are quite surprised with the location of Amante's outlet at Kota Damansara as it is actually located at the central parking. Is it a bad impression to us? Not at all! I was pretty amazed upon entering Amante! The dim light, the sound of water flowing from the mini fountain and the fragrance were just a perfect combination that gave both boyfie and I a fresh and very comfortable feelings.

Warm ginger tea
Yours Truly
We were served with the warm ginger tea ( my favorite! ) while waiting for my turn. The staffs were all friendly and we can see their sweet smiles all the time. I love sitting down on their comfy sofa and yea wish I could just lie down at there! It doesn't took long for my turn.
Comfy Room
The masseuse leaded me to the room and I like the room. Since I was having my menses that day, I didn't wear the disposable panty. So if you're worry you can't go for massage during your menses, fret not! As you still can go for it. She gave me some time for me to get prepared and start the 90 minutes Aromatherapy Massage. She started from my leg, oh well, as usual, I felt it ticklish!! Anyway, she has been so kind to talk to me just to make me relax and once I relaxed myself, I slowly found it was very nice and comfortable. :massage:
The essential oils playing an important role and the lemongrass aromatic essential oil  used for my session. Do you know that the lemongrass essential oil is effective in treating infections and for healing skin conditions such as oily skin and acne. It is also great for soothing sore and painful muscles and can be added to an aromatic bath for intensive healing benefits. For myself, I love the scent of lemongrass and it was such a great session with the combination of the aromatic essential oil and soothing power of massage by the masseuse.
I almost fell asleep during the massage session and one thing I am very happy and truly satisfied was, this package covered from toe to head! Of course, I didn't get to experience the whole as I was having my menses so she did not do it on my tummy part. Overall, I felt it was really a truly holistic therapy after the entire session. 
The outlet manager and I
Thanks Amante for the aromatherapy massage session and I am pretty sure I don't mind going back for another session! Perhaps I shall go for the mani-pedi too! And... there will be a deal up at I Love Discount for this great therapy treat! Do not missed it, heead up there and grab it kay! 

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