Working with All-Girls Team VS All-Guys Team

I haven't been penning down my thoughts here for the longest time. Not because I don't want to, but I guess the work stuff really taking up most of my free time. I promise I will be writing more now! :D

Let's back to the main topic for now.
Confession to make: The new journey didn't start off smoothly, there were hiccups and there's also a moment where I decided to just quit. You see, I am never a quitter and I don't give up on stuff easily. I don't see a point to continue working with people who don't seek improvement and grow themselves. Most importantly, I don't like to deal with dramas. Thankfully, there's one person who truly believes and appreciates my ability that I decided to give it a try and take it as a challenge for myself to grow to another phase of my career. For that, I thankful for her. (you know who you are).

And yes, I did mention in my previous post about changes that I will be working with an all-girls team and going to do the comparison with the previous all guys team with you guys too! So here it is...
  • Truth to be told - I miss working with the all guys team. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy working with the girls minus the emotions? I don't deal well with emotional people because I am emotional. 
  • I love working with the guys because everyone is very straightforward and they don't bitch false rumours behind you. They own up their mistakes, apologise, fix it and move on. 
  • I am not a people pleaser and never will be. Apparently, I was kinda labelled as harsh whenever I am being straightforward. But then again, the truth is always harsh and hurtful. You have no idea when I actually told to learn to take care of other people's feeling before I have to make the confrontation. I mean, why do I need to go around the bush to tell the person for the mistake that has been done, I don't get it. 
  • There'll be no blaming games with the guys too. Back then, problem-solving was the priority. No crying drama or any party had to take care of another party feeling just to get things done.
  • And one last thing - there're so many girls in the office and can you imagine every week is shark week for us? lol!
What did I learn after a year through this journey? 

I learned a lot about management skill and it's definitely something I will be focusing more this year. From being someone who executes the work to someone who plans the strategy and leading a team, it's really no joke. It's hectic but seeing my team growing day by day, it's all worth it. 

Last but not least, I learned to ignore what people talking falsely behind me. I do feel hurt but I always remember what I was told before - I can't control people's mouth, but I can control how to react to it. Some people might think that I'm just being a little too perfectionist about a small thing. What can I do? I am passionate in whatever I'm doing and I can't take people who treating it just another day job to pay the bills. Also, I can't help it as I was trained to be that way. That's why I barely miss out those little details that matter. Less mistake and better result. So, why not?

ps: I'm grateful for the friendships I've made through this journey too.


  1. Hugssss, everything comes with its own pro's and con's, I'm sure you'll conquer it all like you always do xoxo

    1. You're always one of the sweetest ones! can't wait to see you soon! xxx