"UNIQUENESS" of Sabahan people

First of all, do you guys actually alert with what's the famous reality show in Malaysia in the trending topic now?
I believe you all know about it - Akademi Fantasia Season 8 - the singing competition reality show.
I am not a big fans for this show, and i only know the new season started when my sister telling me there are four contestants are from Sabah. 
Interesting thing that two of them are siblings. Rarely we can found siblings in a competition, i mean in Malaysia.
(I know we can always see siblings joined together in The Biggest Loser show)

So, i watch the so-called "Diari Akademi Fantasia" with my sister just now, and seriously I LOLed so hard.
Although the time i watched its almost reach the end of the show, yet that was so damn funny.
They gotta learn how to speak English just to make themselves comfortable to speak and easier for them to sing the English songs that assigned to them. Well, not all of them were assigned to sing English song.
For this week, there are two of them, and i am actually kind of excited to wait till this Saturday's night.
Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble and Paparazzi by Lady Gaga.
I am starts wondering how the concert going to be like. 

Last week Ain, one of the Sabahan were assigned to sing The Climb by Miley Cyrus.
Yes, they said ITS DA' BOMB!
I wished i can watch the repeat show for that concert as i heard everyone saying that The Climb was the most highlighted song of that night.
Anum, one of the Sabahan as well was the most amazing performance on that night. 
She's ROCK, thats what i can say about her after i watched her in the Diari AF just now.
Yea she's on the top now, the highest votes of all. 

Well well...
Lets go to the main topic...
I bet all of you can easily differentiate which Sabahan people and KL people (West Malaysia).
The most obvious way is the way we, Sabahan speak malay language, right??!
We pronounce the letter "a" as "ah" ; whereby KL people pronounce the letter "a" as "e".
Not just that, there are actually more. :)

In case you're not Sabahan and you plan to come visit Sabah one day, please do not be surprise when you can hear people keep saying  "Boleh ba kalau kau!" 
Translations - English - "Can ba if you!"
Translations - Chinese - "可以吧如果是你!"
- Thats one of the trademark for Sabahan people - 

Not sure if you guys know about this - Many hot chicks and pretty lady in Sabah!
Haha.. don't get surprised with this statement as this is so TRUE!
(Though am not saying am one of it ok)

Amber Chia

But people... see.. Amber Chia, an international supermodel, artist and being a host,  is from Sabah.
Wants to know more about her?
Do visit her official website below:

Is it enough to prove it?
Oh maybe not, but if you read newspapers and get to know anything related with beauty pageant competitions, most of the contestants that won the title are Sabahan!
I didn't bluff you for sure.

Edwina Markus.

For those who watched the recently  Miss Tourism International 2010, sure you all know that she won the title of Miss Tourism Global. 
I knew her since i was 7yrs old as she was my classmate in primary school and secondary school. :)
So proud of her! Wishing her happy and success in her both career and life! 
She had been a real model and entering and joining lots of beauty pageant competitions and won a lot of titles.
Do you guys realized that she got Amber's lips??? hehe...
Check on her facebook's profile and you'll get to know lots more about her.
Weena Marcus <-- "click" to view her facebook. =)

There's no doubt that all Sabahan peoples are so friendly and easy going types.
Sabahan peoples are very unique in way of their languages and dialects spoken, their different types of races, and many more.
Don't be surprise to know that Sabahan are mostly mixed races!
Just like me and most of my friends, we are either Sino-Kadazan or Sino-Dusun.

Lets see the formulas:
Chinese + Kadazan = Sino-Kadazan.
Chinese + Dusun = Sino-Dusun
Chinese + Malay = Sino-Malay
Chinese + Indonesian + Philipines = Sino-IndoPhil (haha i do not know actually)
Chinese + American = ??? 
Indian + Kadazan = ???
There are lots more...
Its just so complicated till when people ask what are our race? we trying to explain like we are Chinese mix bla bla bla whatever. Lol.
Just like me and most of my friends are Sino-Kadazan.
Many people asked us like "Eh you can speak chinese, are you chinese? You doesn't look like"
Then we gonna answer like " Yea, we are not chinese but our dad is chinese, so we are mix chinese" 
Weird isn't it?
I know myself well, i doesn't look like chinese and some of my siblings looks chinesey!
People said the reason is because i got such big eyes, LOL, i don't think my eyes are big, i just think its wide.

Everything is "mixed"... XD
Thats the reasons why Sabahan lady are so pretty and gorgeous of all! ;p
Thats also the reason why Sabahan people can speak more than one language. ;)
Sabahan is just so unique to know with. 
If you're not so into Sabahan people, maybe you should start get to know and be friend with them and you'll soon find out how unique are them!

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  1. You are very pretty... :) Oh, I didn't know Amber Chia is from Sabah!

  2. i think got amber chia in my fs friends list... i think i got connection w/ her.. haha..
    err, last photo oso is a model? hehehehehe :p

  3. @Irenelim thnx for the compliment. :) yup well she's actually was born in Ipoh but grew up in tawau, sabah. in her website, she mentioned that she comes from little town in sabah. btw, i visited ur website! haha online shopping my fav!

  4. @EricJ NAH I TUMBUK U! lol u noe am not model ba right? hmph! tease me is it? i noe im super skinny. ;p am i?? lol

  5. Yea... true2.. Sabahan people are very unique person as you can see.. and they also very pretty as well...

  6. haha... others won't knoe u x a model if u didn't say maa.. u this.. ppl compliment kena tumbuk again.. hahaha
    btw, i don't watch AF again... :p

  7. She looks likes Amber Chia as well... pretty...

  8. Yea... true2.. Sabahan people are very unique person as you can see.. and they also very pretty as well...

  9. @Frenda yes my sweet lil aunt! just like us! hahaha

  10. @EricJ haha am joking la.. ;p how could i punch such cute boy like u? haha i oso dnt watch but last night just so interesting!

  11. Oh! No wonder Sabah girls pretty - mostly mixed. Mixed people are more pretty right? : )

  12. Hahaha.. you are right my sweet niece...

  13. Oh, thanks for visint my online shopping site... and hope you have seen some that you like. :)

  14. @Irenelim ohyes, there are FEW! hehe.. i'll look into it. =)

  15. @foongpc Lol! now then u know huh? ;p Those angmo always says Sabahan ladies very pretty one.