"Bloody" Monday?

Its Monday right?

Today the whole morning i am really enjoy doing my tasks.
See how happy am i for having tasks to do?
Lol. I used to be the person who keep on tweets about how stress am i doing my job and bla bla bla..
After experienced "no-job" days, finally i got kinda lots things to do.

However, i managed to get all done before lunch time. :(
Sounds not good at all and yea prepare for another boring afternoon again.
Though its not really a boring afternoon, as i enjoy online. hehe.
I chat with my cousin Leslie and had so much fun talking with him. :)
It has been like an ages dint talk to him.
Actually just met him yesterday, he came with his fiance.
The most funniest thing i heard from her is she thought i got something to do with my cousin and she has been jealous of me for 1 year plus after seen my picture with my cousin together last time?
Peleasee! He's my cousin ok?

Okay back to today's topic.
Everything that going to happen in this life is unpredictable, right?
So as just now.

Can't believe that a big lorry can knocked down the brick wall.
We all get so shocked and for the very first time i didnt hear my boss yell at people for doing so.
Guess he just speechless for what had happened.

Its like almost the entire wall cracked and it just like telling u that its gonna collapse n fall down at anytime.
Its just look so scary for us at there who witnessed all the process.

Just a short video. Didn't manage to record full one as everyone was busy to busybody around.

What a bloody monday of all.
Wonder how is it going to be tomorrow. 
Hope everything will be repair within this week.

1 comment:

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