*Uncle* TEKKAUS.

I continue my blog reading sessions and currently at uncle Tekkaus's blog.
Last post before i start to write this one - Buffe Lunch at Seoul Garden - and guess what?
I am leaving my comment and i saw this one which makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD nonstop!

"Tell you an embarrassing thing first time I went there. I thought that jug of soup is our drink and I poured it out on to my empty glass, then only realised it's the soup for the steamboat! Haha!! How I know they place soup inside a jug like that? More like for pouring into a glass for drinking! LOL!" - foongpc

I realized everyone is questioning why the heck on earth I'm calling Tekkaus as "UNCLE TEKKAUS"?!
I don't mind to keep answering all the questions from blogger friends but just now one of my cousins who read my blog and called me and ask :"May, since when we got uncle named Tekkaus? Your mother side or father side de leh???
I LOLed.

Wokie dokie...
Let me explain all of this kay?
I’m not sure should say I know Tekkaus through reading Foongpc’s blog or through the Jomshout site. Lol.

I am NOT related with him at all.
Okay, cousins, u guys got it? J
And, it’s not because he’s an old man, he’s 25-years old and I’m going to be 21st this year, not much different. Haha.

 I called Tekkaus as Uncle Tekkaus in Jomshout and he say me lil girl.
So, I think he don’t mind I’m calling him this way right?
(Or actually you mind about it? If yea, I’m going to stop calling you that way. J)

His blog is so freaking darn funny yet full with useful information and logical fact.
That’s why his blog being one of the blog that I always keeping track with.
It’s quite “neutral” to read his posts about his lovely wifey, his family, his opinions and other useful facts. So, it’s kind of “balancing” meal for readers to digest. XD
[Warning: Do not read his blog continuously in a day, as it’s totally hard to digest!]

His blog is actually contains lots great tips for those who just started to blog and who actually want to earn extra income through blogging.
I bet you guys will not want to miss it, right?

Like some other bloggers, he blogged about places that he went before and foods that he tried before. This is somehow showing some options of places to go or food that worth to try for those who does not really know about some of the places or never try those particular dishes.
[Warning: Please make sure your tummy is full before you start reading post about food, or else do not blame others for your croaking tummy while reading it.:p]

You always can learn moral lesson by reading his blog. I swear I did not bluff.
One of the posts that I like the most is à Your Words Reflect Your Future

I am quite impressed by how he’s really become a man for his wifey by giving a hand in doing house chores and prepare dinner all those things. I just love to read post about he wrote about how they spent their times together and enjoy their holidays.
Ohyea! All this while, I only read he typed on Jomshout about his wife but never see her, and brilliant me found out this Now Im Officially Married in his blog. So sweet aye! Wohoo!

You are surely can be an up-to-date person by reading his blog.
Hot issue or trending topics up on his blog all the time!
No lies, all truth!

His topic is enough to makes you feel want to read through the whole post!
Just like this one à Unexpected Second Break Up
What do you expect me to guess about it just right after I read the post about his marriage?! LOL.
After I read it, I was like WTH and at the same time PHEW~~

You can get to know him well, especially about his crazy interest and character!
Read this and look at how he posed à  DiGi Says I Am A Famous Hotpants Ninja!

Last but not least, his blog is totally WORTH-TO-READ!

[P/S: Do not misunderstand me for blog about this post and do not treat this as an obsession just like foongpc did okay? Well guess you know about THIS.]


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  1. The thing is.. I'm too old to call him that.. second thing is.. I totally love his 'selamba' pics in many of his posts.. hahaha... the one where he ate meehoon during a picnic oso very cute!

  2. @Merryn lol! FC! haha i can put Ethan's cute pic. lol yea me too, u noe all his pics so freaking selamba yet nice too. :)

  3. yeay! 1st FC.. u kan.. ur blog got moderator.. so very the kan cheong to know if I AM the first FC or not! lol.. now I KNOW! :D

  4. @Merryn super kan cheong! haha! btw, am giving out gift for my top FC and top 3 commenter starting this month. hehe. 3 of the top will get it. :)

  5. Aiks? Got Creative Common jor. LOL...

  6. @celffairy haha, yea lor.. ur blog is the 1st blog-of-the-day to read. :)

  7. With his janggut, he certainly looks old...like an UNCLE, no doubt! Eeee...can stand people with janggut! Like that high profile politician fallen from grace!!

  8. Thanks for writing about me Caroline! :) I salute you lar.

    And yeah I don't mind you calling me Uncle Tekkaus. :D

  9. Wow...what more can I say? I am so touched. That's nothing more I can about this...I am simply touched....sob :'(

  10. @suituapui LOL. yea if he without his janggut look kinda big diff right? hehe.. btw, got janggut look more "man" ma. :P thats how my fren always told me. lol so now u feeling that way is it?? haha

  11. @Tekkaus houyay! i got full permission to call u as "uncle tekkaus" ! haha! dont touched till sobbing thr ba. XD see thats hows ur impression for me, unlike foongpc, i wrote "bad" bout him the other day, yet he still feel honored. hahaha.

  12. Uncle Tekkaus, wish i could call him that too, but i better not, he will "blackmark" my blog! I am old enough to be his mum.. aiksss..
    Tekkaus, feeling on cloud 9?

  13. @reanaclaire heee.. dats okay, i dnt think he will balckmark ur blog. =)) hehe..

  14. @claire - WHO dare to black list ur blog? U eat blog, sleep blog, everything blog.. compassion is there.. lol..

  15. @Merryn cool! totally agree with ur statement! haha

  16. Uncle Tekkaus? hahahahahah....i shall call him like this next time,, telling him that i got the inspiration from you,,,ok?

  17. @eugene lol haha yup Uncle Tekkaus! yea ask him, he'll let de. :P (uncle, horr?? :P)

  18. He always calls me "bro"!!! LOL!!! As if I'm so very young!

  19. @suituapui lol shud be proud lor, young ma! haha or else i call u grandpa la? hahaha joking ah :P

  20. Wow.. u really know him well..

  21. @Frenda lol aunt! nah~ whr got,i only managed to write 10 things about him. his wifey know him very very well more than all of us! haha! well wt can i say if i read almost all his posts??

  22. Uncle Tekkaus! Haha. I like that. He is really a funny guy as can tell from his blog. I like to read his posts too.
    Your blog is nice too.

  23. @Superman lol thnx for dropping by. yupes! totally agree with you. n thnx for the nice compliment. :)

  24. Aisay what do I call Uncle Tekkaus since he's younger than me?? *sigh*

  25. @iamthewitch lol brother Tekkaus. hahaha no no. joking. :)

  26. Thanks for reading all my post. I think you are the only one in the blogsphere who have ever done that! :D

  27. @iamthewitch You can call me Tekko! :D

  28. @Tekkaus: lol y not? worth to read what! hehe.. =D