What is LOVE?
Everyone gonna give u many different answers and its actually more likely based on how their relationship's at that moments. 
For those who just started a relationship and love is in the air, they just gonna tell you that love is such wonderful thing and sweet, as long as something nice about love.
For those who don't really into it, they just gonna tell you that being single or not, doesn't matter. 
For those who just broke up or broken-hearted, they gonna tell you that love is pain and kills.
Its just so different based on how individual look at it.

We always can see how happy people are when they started the relationship and they just live in their world.
How sweet and romantic it is.
But, is that last long?
Young people like us with not mature enough minded, who is still not prepare to give commitment and still want to enjoy life, tell me how long can u stand?
No offense but mostly guys are the one who always acting that way.
I am not saying only guys the one who always not serious when it comes to relationship matter, it just that from what i experienced, all my friends around me, mostly girls are the one who are actually put efforts on their relationship compare to their boyfriend,
Even me myself too.

Why guys just can't be a BIT nicer to their girlfriend?
Why guys NEVER trust their girlfriend instead of trust other b!tches?
Why guys always be the UNFAITHFUL one?
Why guys just cannot be a gentleman when it comes to relationship matter?
Why guys never learn to APPRECIATE on what their girlfriend sacrificed just for them?
Why guys prefer to be a GREEDY person?
Why guys always being so EGOISTIC person?
Why guys tends to CHANGE after the relationship getting longer? 
Why guys always give some STUPID reasons to break up whereby just to cover their bloody mistakes behind the relationship?

Am not complaining, (altho it sounds like) its just that whats i realized.

Guys only will put 200% efforts when they wanna starts tackle a girl, once they got her heart, the efforts is lesser. Why?
All those sweet as honey words and bloody promises gone where?
I can say only 1 out 10 couples that gonna last forever if they do really give full commitment to each other and with mature minded. :)

Today, i was so bored in the office and to lessen up my boredom feelings, i starts reading all my friend's blog.
I enjoy reading it and till i read one of my ex-course-mate's blog.
I just wondering if her boyfriend did actually read through her blog.
Though i never experience it, i just can imagine how hard it is to be couple with a guy which actually still missing his ex-girlfriend. As what she said, she has been living under his ex-girlfriend's shadow, and feels like he just keep her for a replacement of his ex-girlfriend? :-S

When there is crisis in a relationship, girls are the one who always feel miserable, being so moody, couldn't sleep at all, no appetite to eat, no mood to study which always affects their results, crying alone most of the time, starting to blame their selves, etc.
Guys just seems don't care at all.
Exception for a few guys that i know. :) 

Actually when guys get jealous, its worse than girls. 
Very unfair situations..
Why girls who's the one who should always tolerate when there is an argument occurs?
Why guys always ask their girlfriend not to flirt other guys yet they are the one who flirting other girls?
Why guys can go out with anyone they want or go anywhere they like but they don't allow their girlfriend to have the same freedom too?
Why guys only know how to give promises and never do it and keep it?
Why guys always blame their girlfriends without analyse and find out the truth at the first step?
Why girls always need to forgive and forget on what their boyfriend did and if they are the one who did the mistake, their boyfriend just gonna dump them immediately?

See how complicated is that for being in a relationship?
When i thought am actually can totally forget the past, i just realized that i couldn't.
From now onwards, i don't want to be emo type.
I just wanna live normal and aim for what im looking for. :)


So today u came to me and tell me how bad is your feelings is about your boyfriend, do you think am gonna care after what u did to me? Yet as a friend, i still be a good listener for u. 
Look... am still the person u looking for when u are down.
Why don't u think why u back stabbed me and sabotaged me?
I will never ever hate u as u're forgiven. I will not have grudge towards you or another her and even him.
Because u guys taught me a lesson in life.
It just that u guys wont have my trust.

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