It’s all started this afternoon…
Our boss went to airport and left us in the office.
(Yes I am telling you all that my boss gonna outstation and only will be back this Sunday! Weeee!!!)

We all were having discussion in doing the name cards for each of us, so we start writing down our name.
Since four of us are Chinese, so they suggested just use Chinese name.

But… here’s an issue comes up, supposed to say a bloody joke.
Okay, Ms Chang’s à LK Chang (Chang Lee Kien)
Then mine à ML Ng (Ng May Ling)

What’s on your mind?

One of the guy laughed out loud when he saw this. We all start questioning him what’s wrong with it.

He says: “ML = Make Love! “

Yes, his words can makes all people in the office laughing like hell.
Good, it’s my name again.
I am wondering how he can be such yellow minded person?!

I am just wondering how come my name, no matter in which terms, people just can make fun of it.

In primary school, teachers and friends used to call me as 吴美玲 or MayLing.
 Those naughty playful boys in the class created such a “nice” nickname for me – Caroline = Carrot-line.
How nice of them huh?
Well actually not only that, there’s a lot more they can think of just by the single word of Caroline.

I also realized people having difficulty in spelling and pronounce my name CORRECTLY.

Sometimes I can just laughed when receive fax from customer which addressed to me, and they spelled my name wrongly. Peeps, there’s a big different between “Caroline” and “Corolla” okay?

So, I guess that’s the reason I prefer people just call me Carol or Kathleen or May.

There’s once customer called me as “Harold”, I am speechless. That’s a big different darling.

I would like to share with you how many coincidences happened on my name in my past relationships with my former boyfriends.
He told me that his former girlfriend named Merlyn and therefore they given her Chinese name as “Mei Ling” ß My name MayLing!
He told me that he’s having a god-sister named Carolß My name Caroline!
He told me his former girlfriend named Caroline too.  ß My name Caroline!

[P/s: I don’t feel like mentioning which they are at here. They are all now are my past tense only.]
Those are actually bothered me a lot in the past. 

Wokay, I don't feel like talking about it anymore.
It's just gonna ruined my happy mood. 

Geez... I played with my phone's stylus.

Seems like it's kind hard compare to below one: 

See... I still can write in Chinese character aye! :P

LOL! My colleagues said my handwriting looks like kiddo's , is it?

Just for Ethan arrrr... :p



Just for you:


  1. which Ethan so lucky to have yr love oh???

  2. lol ur name isnt that bad.. let me tell u my story =) my jacket has my name and i spelt it lana.. and 1 of the guy said.. lana lana.. guess what.. ur name spelt backward is Anal! and im like great thanks..
    poh yi.. western people cant pronounce poh properly and they call me poo yi..
    one day.. a western chic asked me "lana how do u pronounce your chinese name" i said "bao er" and she start screaming Bowel ever since =) all my name is some what associated with shit and my ass =D wonderful aint it =)

  3. Why Ethan so lucky? heheheheh.. your handwriting MEMANG like budak kecik. macam ethan's handwriting! lol...

  4. @Christy: LOL! ur son oso Ethan! haha! This one actually for Merryn's Ethan. heee... sharing is caring. urs Ethan included. hehe.. :D

  5. @Merryn: lol! its okie. :)walaoweh! got until dat ma my handwriting??! omg!

  6. @Lana: whahahahaha! thnx so much for sharing Lana! am not d only one pulak. but urs kinda worse than mine. auww... heee but for sure we cant do anything cz dats our name given. :3

  7. That's girl's handwriting - most like that...and these days, many boys also write like that. Hmmmm....wait till I post the story behind my Chinese name! My English one too - they often call me and write "Author" instead. Grrrr....

  8. @suituapui: yay! yup yup. but jarang la see guys writing dat way, all like "cakar ayam" ny. :P n my sis's handwriting is more "pro" than mine. they said my handwriting like balloon. wth?!

  9. @Christy: eh u back to xanga again ah now??

  10. Now Ethan = "Eh Tan" = Can Wait (in Hokkien). Show us Ethan photo la :-D

  11. Easy.Name card put Caroline Ng,below put Chinese name loh.

  12. @Techgravy: yupez! however, i dont wan do it nemore. am not going to work here for long also. hehe.

  13. Let's see it this way, when I was growing up, I got teased a lot with my name. They call me submerryn.. and look at ME now.. my SUBMERRYN blog is femes! cheh wah!!!!!

    lol... use it to your advantage Caroline.. who knows one day you'll have a money making ML blog! lol.. ok ok.. mebe not ML.. but something's good is coming your way :D

  14. @Merryn: ROFL! okie if u ask me choose, i rather pick the "carrot-line" worr.. haha ML is tooooo "striking" for me. haha

  15. Great that's good news you can still 'write' ABCs, so cakar ayam to me is no surprise. Know why? Since all are so IT savvy with so much high tech laptop & PDA what nots and so used to keyboards most likely some may forget how to write from 'A-Z' kakaka. My writing very nice one *ahem* like from the typewriter becoz kena write 1000 lines most of the time as punishment in school. "I must submit my homework in time x 1000 times" or "I must raise my hand when I know the answer x 1000 times" so on and so forth. That's why I have got pretty hand writing, come to think of it must thank that teacher:P. Cool.. tQ

  16. Btw how's your sore throat should be ok by now I presume! Natural cure by itself or with self medication ¿

  17. @Bananaz: LOL! Thats pretty cool aye! :P well i dnt mind people saying my handwriting like kiddos cz i know its neat n nice. :P show me ur handwriting!!! :P

  18. @Bananaz: yea getting much better! haha i ate the raw cucumber with salt and my mom give me drink honey for whole day. hahaha!

  19. i saw my name in your post!!! being a banana myself, i can still recognise my name when i see it.. hahha...
    well, like u, i also got teased before during the time i was young but now old liow, i wanna get teased also susah already.. :P

  20. @reanaclaire:lol i am sick of them for keep creating nicknames for me. u noe what? i still rmb dey call me as "mat kool" just because i was eating the mat kool ice cream! argh! dey even call me crocodile, carrot-cake, and u noe carrot in chinese language? i hate it so much! lol

  21. @saucer: lol here.. <-- Just so u know, the one i admire is actually Merryn's lil hero larr.. hahaha..merryn being the first commenter and i posted Ethan's picture in it. :P

  22. Still need English name for name card. :) Use both, it is better. :D

  23. Huh? ML=Make Love? How come that didn't come across y mine? :p That guy is so perverted.

  24. Carroline=carrot-line? Now this is funny. :p They are very creative alright.

    Ouh...hie...Toyota corolla. :D

  25. Ethan is so cute. he deserves everyone's love. :D

  26. Sounds like your name is very "in" right now huh! If not you wouldn't be able to come out with so many examples. :p

  27. @Tekkaus: and i wish dey r not creative enough for creating nicknames for me! XD

  28. @Tekkaus: ROFL! uncle, do u noe dat when my group doin presentation during my form 3 - title is How To Make Lemonade - and they shortformed it become "HTML" and dey convert it as How To Make Love. =.="

  29. @Tekkaus: haha yupes yupes!so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  30. Aiyoh...they are so crazy. Everything must make love huh! :D carrot-line is very creative too.

  31. ohh nice Chinese handwriting! ;)

  32. hey carol, caroline, may, hehehe! i like your name actually. i mean i like caroline. don't mind those people who tease you about your name. there are more out there who have ugly names. btw, are you chinese?

  33. So cute ur handwriting Caroline, wanna see mine or nooooot? Ha ha! :)