Sweet Caroline by Glee Cast

Its ain't about anything.
Since over the years, whenever people know my name as Caroline, they always sing the song "Oh Carol".
I still remember that in secondary school, my classmate, Kevin keep sang the song by Outkast (if i not mistaken), sounds like "Caroline~ Caroline~" 
That was pretty funny thou.

Last night i watched Glee.
I just realized there's a song - Sweet Caroline.
My big bro downloaded in at the moment it plays. Sweet!
He gave it to me too. Love it!

I used to dislikes my name for having same name as some people that i don't really like.
Thats the reason i prefer to be Kathleen as the name i get baptized during confirmation day at church.

For once, I like my name and proud of being Caroline.

The only special thing i won't forget is when he told me that my name is synonyms with Christmas Carol.
He's still different than others who i know. 

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