Foongpc a.k.a BLAMER!

" why u spread ur sleepiness to me? I blame u! LOL! " 
- FoongPc (via Facebook)

I remember last few days this guy BLAMED me for not advising him to sleep earlier at night.
And guess what? When the time is like not even 12 midnight, even earlier i told him that i am feeling sleepy and he said he's feeling sleepy too at that particular last night and come with those words!!!!
My goodness! Tell me then...
U want to be night owl? or want to sleep early at night????!!
I guess he should change his name to BLAMER! ;p
Suited u more. hehe.. 

[p/s: this is the second post bout u blaming me leh, if reach the third post, something wrong with you! ;p]



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  1. Yay! I am the first commenter here. :D

  2. No wonder you are sick because you were chatting with Foong until late at night. :p

    You can't compete with him, he is a night owl. :D

  3. Becoming night owl... blame u
    Sleep early... blame u
    3rd blame is wat aa? ...
    Well, as long as I get my gift la aa... Hahahahaha!!!

  4. @EricJ oops sorry no gift cz u're not the first one to comment. try another time. ;)

  5. @Tekkaus haha congrates to u lorr. haha but am not falling sick due to chat with foong.. haha this one is previous night, last night only tweet a while n fell asleep loo..totally agree with u, he's a real night owl n spreading night owl bugs to others! haha

  6. Hey stop calling me a Blamer. I am not a blamer, I am a PANDA. Hahahaha!!

  7. @foongpc ohyea? seems like not at all. ;p

  8. Haha... panda becomes a blamer :)

  9. @Irenelim yes he is! btw, i HEART d Taylor Swift cut in dress!!!

  10. Caroline, buy the dress lo... very nice le. :)

    You have not register on my website, have you? Didn't see any name 10 KMs resembling yours. :-D

  11. @Irenelim wohoo! im dying for that dress! and actually i saw others too. ;p just that worry if its not suit me well. :(