Im not sure what day is this?
To be frank, am getting bored in office day by day...
Its just totally a bored day of me in office especially after lunch time.
In the morning, there's only a little of invoices to be filed. Trust me, i keep on procrastinating my job.
Don't blame me for that, because if i don't do so, i'll be totally FREE FROM WORK, and im the type of person who cannot just sit and doing nothing. (I guess thats the reason i suit to be in tourism line)
Well, am not the only who got nothing to do, but almost everyone there. 

After im done with the filing task, i just do not know what's next to do, so i ask our respectively Ms Chang, and guess what she suggested to me? 
- Do the labels for all the transports' keys.
(Yea i rather do it than just sitting down doing nothing.)
While im busy doing it, here come Sylvester and he too get bored with no-task situation.
And he helped me to do it, more likely to say he's took over my only task. haha.
Guess who comes when we're busy doing the labels?
Its my first ex-boyfriend.
I didn't realize his presence until he makes the sound "Eherm.. eherm.."
I look up and saw him.
We just smiled to each other, and yea he offers to take lunch together. I declined. 
He placed his order and paid it.
Took it and left. :)

It has been few times he's trying to ask for re-couple but i just think its NOT the right choice to do.
Well, when its past, its just gonna remain as past.
Its just like there's no other man / woman that u can get rather than back to ur ex? 
LOL. No offense. 
Unless if that two are destined to be together.

As usual, Mr Pervert came and did the same thing as his routine. 
You know how i feel.

When it comes to Friday, i'd already expected to get more calls from customers from Keningau - Tenom district. Reason is thats the day we going to deliver their orders.
I wonder if they can just wait patiently without wasting their time to keep on calling us and ask the transport reach where and where? Seriously, sometimes i just get so annoyed by them when am just too busy with my work.
This morning, 8am sharp, the Bersatu Hardware from Keningau called and ask the bonus questions.
Well, i can say they got the *damn* lowest price per square feet of all. Cool isn't it?
Yet they are the one who rushed a lot. :S
Good thing, they are just being so polite. :)

After that, that Wong from G* kept on calling asking if we finished calculate the plan, well am not the one who in charge with it, yet when phone calls in, she just ask me to explain it to them. :S
Anyway, cant blame people who just do not know about anything. :/
This Wong is trying to bluff me, wtf, asking me to teach him thru the phone about how to calculate each of it?!
LOL! I thought he's just joking and i said ok later then, and after we hung up.
He called again on the next hour and omg he's serious with it, mann how am i going to explain in detail thru the phone as its just impossible!
Then, trust me, u will not feel like answering the calls when his number appear on the screen. 
He even use his own mobile to call and i thought other customer and when i answer, here he is "Carol..."
Im still blurr with who is this? then he laugh and ask bout the plan and i just recognized his voice. LOL.
He trying to joke, and i can joke even better. ;p

My bff texted me at 4.30pm and i was so happy to see text from her.
Its Annie!

We didn't see each other for quite a long long long time...
Whenever im free, she's not; our working time too totally different.
Thats why the only thing we can do is like just texting.
Today was an exception. 
We talked over the phone for almost an hour.
Im just totally missing her, well its both vic and i,
I was so sad when heard she told me that she cried for dunno how many times at there due to stressful life.
She's not someone who can live with stress, i knew her, been with her for 2 years and half during college times. Supposed to say both them Annie and Vic.
She too said to me that she couldnt stand with it, and said if im the one there, i'll be more aggressive person. 
Lol. Almost all of my lecturers who taught me saying the same thing to me - "Caroline, you shouldn't stay at Sabah, you should go west malaysia there as there are so many competition which just suit u"
Well, i just think that sometimes we don't need to make things get so fast, and should slowly build it. 

Gal! I miss huggies!! ;p

Gotta make sure Annie coming back this May and we attend INTI Nite together! 
Cant wait for it and excited for it.



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  1. So many admirers la u, even your customers oso admires u. Good la ba dat. Haha!
    U mentioned Bersatu Hardware from Keningau? Hmm... Could be one of my aunts, I'll check w/ my mom later to confirm. :)

  2. @EricJ LOL! dey said my voice soft. haha. ;p well u ever heard my voice kan thru d phone? i dnt think so. guess dey bluffed me. hhaha.. later u tell me. hee..