*Weird* Wednesday!

Just a brand new day for me after discovered all the ugly truth behind the scene. 

I seldom talk with them, just with myself and enjoy texting with my lovely friends. 
Of course not when the boss is around! 

Doesn't it sounds funny when they saw me went out of office just to answer a call, and when i get back into office, they asked me who call me? Not enough with that, here comes another question - is it your new bf? how come so fast u get a new bf after like yesterday u just broke up with him?

Mannnn... who the hell are u both to me for asking me those stupid silly questions after what u guys done on me behind me? Even i have a new bf, is that really related with u all???
Why the heck u guys "care" if im single or couple?

When i said nope, its my lecturer and they are saying me for telling them lies.
Should i really concern about how u guys feel? 
They even trying to describe as a "playgirl"? Oh peleaseeee, who's the playgirl at here?
Its BOTH of u!
I just dont even want to bother about all their dumb questions and continue with my work.
Im just curious, whenever my phone rings, both them sure will turn and look at me and ask who texted me?

Anyway, i wont let them to ruin my lovely day.
Morning, im like keep try to get rid from the IP from Jotun company.
After so long, suddenly this *big* man came and its just remind me of the days before February.
Seriously, he's a real pervert!!!
He just keep on staring at my legs and he keep flirting me its like there's no one inside the office.
I just can't stand with his attitude each time he came to the office.
Frankly, it disgust me a lot when he make the pervert-alike face expression to me.
Euwww and yucks!
I wish i can snap a shot and put it at here.
He keep on using his phone to take my pictures. 
Its totally unfair!
If its nothing to do about work, all the words that comes out from his lips are all *dirty* words. 
Its true. 

Well afternoon time was fun! 
Walk-in customers came to office and that time i just realized that our customers are so INTERNATIONAL! 
Chinese, malay, korean, thai, kadazan, indian, afghan, aussie and just now african!
There's this chinese customer came into office n placing his order, and when his phone rang, Ms Chang and i looking at each other and LOLed! 
His ringtone is the Chinese New Year song and its like he's so CNY mood, and that ringtone actually remind us about the former salesman, Mr Lee. Haha!
Yet that  guy mybe thought we're praising him or wat, he look at us and smile. 
Just can't help myself from stop laughing. 

Then, here come the korean guy.
Its funny the way he trying to speak malay to Ms Yong as she couldnt speak english.
Usually when this korean guy came, he'll always look for our boss to place order. 
Today was an exception as my boss just too busy when those materials arrived.
After that, here come the african guy.
I didnt saw him at first and heard all colleagues inside office laughing so hard.
I turn and i went OMG! its negro!
Ms Chang told me that thi fella can speak chinese. cool isnt it?
We saw him keep following our boss from his back and its like he expect that my boss can entertain him.
Who knows, my boss brought her get into office and ask me to take order from this fella. 
Not i want to be proud of myself, but in the office only Ms Chang and I can really speak english.
That negro is so *huge* and he's black. 
He came in and saying the words "HELLO" just enough to scare me untill i taking one step back.
And they laugh when saw me get scare, that guy laughed too and say sorry dat he used to talk in the tons of volume. The way he talk just so funny especially when he's asking for red pocket money from the boss.
CNY is like almost three weeks ago! haha so outdated.
He just love to jokes. haha!

There's also a customer came and ask us to deliver his order to his house and we do not know where's the place at actually nd he said that one of the driver knew already cz its same hometown.
My boss is still blurr and this guys ask "Where's Philip?" 
Guess how my boss answer?
He says: " Sudah MATI" <-- DIED already.
All of us LOLed so hard again.
Its just like we nonstop laughing during afternoon time. haha.

Not to be mean, but u know what?
She get scolded by the boss.
Can i LOL?!
for notcompleting her work.

- end -

[p/s: what if i go blonde?]

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