MM : Beautiful by BEAST

Am in the mood for kpop now!
I used to stick to the television and watched my favorite Music Bank for every Monday and Friday till I started to work.
Unlike my sister, she always has the time for it!

I only get to watch it if I arrived home early as in before 6pm.
Tell you the "horrible" thing about my sister is she will scream! scream! and scream! when her favorites singers or groups performing on the stage!
Gosh! We as the family slowly get used to it and brother sometime will just tease her a word or two.
She even can tears off when they start singing sad love song. 

Another thing is, my lil sis Haylie starts learning from this sis Flo!
When Flo starts screaming, she also wanna "fight" with her.
Can you just imagine how's "HAPPENING" the house can be?!
Dear Eric too speechless when he heard their "terror" noise when he talking on the phone with me! (poor him. LOL!)

Anyway, just wanted to share a song from BEAST!
Loving most of their songs!
Enjoy it peeps!

Beautiful my girl
My beautiful my girl and I
So beautiful my girl ...

November almost gone and let's welcome this beautiful December!

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  1. LOL so passionate la ur sis, scream and scream during happy songs and cry and cry during sad songs ha ha! :D

  2. Happy MM Caroline, I donno this song, so rancak! :D

  3. i've never heard this song before :D Korean band is it?

  4. LOL sis FLo so cute wan to join in the fun eh? :)

  5. awwww my caller tone for wifey!! muahaahahaha

  6. oh so you are one of the people who was infected by the Korean Sensation huh hehehe
    i always hear their songs from one radio to another... so as the Super Juniors...

  7. by the way Caroline... just sent a message to you on Facebook...
    hope i get your approval..

    have a great day and happy blogging

  8. i love k-pop from their clothes to their songs i just love them

  9. by the way my cousin bluedreamer told me that you are having you birthday tomorrow happy birthday in advance
    cheers for that

  10. by the way i voted for you on foong pc's contest

  11. @Mariuca aloha! :D YESH!! she is! :P

    hehe this song is still new! its from their latest album which just released not long ago. ;)

    dat sis Haylie always "enter frame" one! haha but cute!

  12. @Monica haha yup korean band! :D

    Happy MM too dearie! ;)

  13. @bluedreamer27 HAHHA! yesh can say am one of them too! :p i like Super Junior too!! yay!!

    houyay! read it n thnx Milton!! u made my day! ;)

  14. @poorprince wow!! u too!! love 2NE1's latest album!! especially the song "Go Away" woot woot!

    thnx prince! *auwwww* *hugs*

    thank u so much!! appreciate that very much! :D

  15. oh, so this is a new band?? hehehe, i don't know them at all lah..

  16. actually i'm too old and outdated to synch with the rapid updates from the music industry~~ hehe!!

  17. Hi Caroline! My first time here at ur blog. So lovely!

    Nice pick for this week's MM, too!

    May you enjoy the rest of the week!


  18. Happy birthday sweetie!!! Muahs!!

  19. new new songs i really dont know how to sing..give me songs of the 70s anytime!! hahaa...