INTI Tourism Pageant Night

Been very busy and now take a quick and short time to update!

So, where have you guys been last Saturday?? Halloween Party??
I actually attended an event organized by my juniors in INTI last Saturday.
A fundraising event and they actually will contribute a certain amount of the profit will be distributed to the Rumah Bakti Harapan for the children at there. 

A very interesting event called "Miss Tourism Pageant".

The backdrobe was simple yet nice!
I likey!

Nice right?

Carol & Chloe

I met lots of collegemates and juniors at there.
Happy to see them!

Chloe & Alvin

Carol & Ms Karene

Ms Karene & Alvin

Emily & Carol

Eric & Emily
( Cute couple, agree? )

Ruben & the gang

I thought I was the only girl in the table and relieved after saw Emily and boyfie.

Sumazau dance performance for the opening.
It followed by the speech from the principal, Dr Alan.

The first round for the Ms Pageant competition.
Seven beautiful ladies in their traditional costumes.

We also start enjoy the foods!Smiley

- Sea Cucumber & Crab Meat soup -

- Steamed (Fresh) Coral Trout with Nyonya Sauce -

- A combination of Dry Butter Prawns & Fermented Bean Curd Chicken -

- Braised Bean Curd Skin Vegetarian with Abalone Sauce -

- Black Pepper Ostrich Meat with Mini Bun -

- Fried Rice with Crab Meat -

- Honeydew with Sago -

The second round was the talent section!
I enjoyed watching their dance especially the belly dancing!
And for the very first time there's one contestant play the twinkle twinkle little star for this talent section!
Oh well, you can actually hear lotsa people laughing at her, but hey! everyone is different right?

The third round they have to dressed in their evening gown.
They looked so gorgeous in their gown!

Lucky draw session started while waiting for the result to be announced.
Am not that lucky for the night and didn't bring back anything.

Winner with the judges.

We can see the winner here!
She's not from INTI but from UMS.
She played guitar and sang the song Bitterheart by Zee Avi.

The ladies with Ms Rovena.

The committee members with the lecturer, Ms Rovena.

Overall, it was really a great fun night as guests not just enjoy the food but also enjoyed dancing on the dance floor too. And of course, the contestant enjoyed themselves to be part of the event too!

I left there kinda earlier but not going home.
I headed to Colossus Cafe for the Halloween Party to meet up with Ms Susie!

I managed to finish this post in short time.

Tonight going to meet boyfie!



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  1. nice lightings indeed! :D oh my.. Sea Cucumber & Crab Meat my fave! yum yum!

  2. woot everyone looks gorgeous! ;)

    have a safe journey tonite and have lots of fun ya!!!

  3. @Monica yay hay! FC1! :D

    mwahaha dats yummy! :p

    thanks and i will! :D

  4. @Merryn wohoo! FC2! will put up Ethan's cute pic later k. :D

    Cant wait to see u too! :D

    ish! i thought i spelled it wrong! heiyerr! CORAL ba!

  5. wow.. glamour night and delicious food.. they looked very special to me!

  6. glamorous night i

    Come we dance sumazau...XD

    Neva post up on Halloween wan?

    yay yay..tonight we will met..XD

  7. Too many photos...all gantung halfway - taking so long to download. Should split into two posts or more...then no need to wait so long to see.

    You didn't join? If you join, sure win one... Where got those girls have a chance? Wink! Wink!

  8. Oh... never know Inti has a branch in Sabah...

  9. @reanaclaire hehe yea! n the ostrich meat kinda special to me actually! ;)

  10. @Eric Lee mwahaha! come come! hmph noe to dance anot 1st?? :P

    oh dat one will be next post! XD

  11. @suituapui aiya! dnt wan split dy. lol! consider short post dy . :D

    mwahaha if me join, habis lor me!

  12. Looks like a fun evening dearie... you look nice :)

  13. Have a safe journey tonight ya..

  14. haha, my halloween just quietly creeped by when i was having my HK dramathon~~ kekeke!!

  15. so that was really a very happening event!! not just the beauty peagant only, but dinner and lucky draw!! haha~~

  16. but then i was very curious about one dish.. stuffed beancurd VEGETARIAN, but with abalone sauce?? haiz, how come must put abalone sauce, cannot just make it pure vegetarian??

  17. so that's the winner, you didn't introduce her?? and what about the runner-ups?? actually Ms Rovena also quite pretty and can qualify woh, haha :p

  18. i would love to see you in the pageant lol

  19. the food is nicer, maybe I am more interested in the food than the ladies. I had changes to wordpress. Ghostynana

  20. @[SK] HAHAHA! not bad also right? :p

    yeaa but i didnt won anything. :(

    haha dont ask me! cz i only know how to eat! mwahaha

    err dnt really know bout the winner ler. mwahah yeaa but she is the ehad of organizer leh!