2 For 1 Brow Service @ Benefit Brow Bar Sephora, KLCC

CONGRATULATIONS to Benefit for their Brow Bar opening at Sephora KLCC! To celebrate the opening of the new Brow Bar, Benefit offers 2-for-1 brow services exclusively for Sephora White Card members. 

The awesome 2-for-1 brow service allow you (Sephora White Card member) to bring another friend to enjoy brow wax and shape services for only RM38! That also means you and your friend only need to pay RM19 each to get the complete brow service. 
The brows wax & shaping kit
I have to say that the moment I knew about this promotion was considered quite late as this promotion only valid from 15th May till 14th June 2013. We were lucky enough that we're able to make our reservation on one of the weekdays. I was pretty excited for my first brow waxing experience! 

To be honest, my pain tolerance level is very very low and I really hope I can endure the painfulness of the brows waxing session. The beautician was really friendly and kept telling me that it's not as pain as plucking your eyebrows which I usually did (with the help of ice of course! :p). 

As you can see, she started with jot down the points for the starting of the brows length, brows arch and end of the brows. Then, linked it altogether that show how my eyebrows going to look like once it's completed. Just so you know that, our eyebrows are not supposed to be twin but sister! Hence, please do not worry if they don't look exactly the same on each sides. 

The brows waxing has started and I could feel the warm wax that she applied on the brow area. 

The moment she used the wax paper to wax it off, it wasn't that painful as I expected. Surprisingly, it almost to painless level. I pretty much enjoyed the whole session and get the much neater and well shaped eyebrows!

It was a 2-for-1 brow service, I tagged Nicole along and she's getting her very first brow waxing and shaping experience for real! Nicole only done once brow shaping and that was without plucking or waxing. She was pretty nervous and scared of the pain that she going to face. 

As you can see, Nicole doesn't has a proper brow shape on hers. They always said that your eyebrows work amazingly in framing your face, hence it's crucial too! 

The beautician again did the outline of the brow shaping on Nicole and also applied the pre-wax treatment before apply the thin layer of wax on her brows area. Nicole seems really really nervous at that time! 

Seems like Nicole trying her best to give her sweetest smile for camera even how nervous she was at that time. :p

The first peel-off moment, Nicole was kinda freaked out! *lol* She told me that was quite painful moment. I've tried my best not to look at her as I don't wish her to feel that bad. 

After all, I'm glad that Nicole managed to go through the whole session! She's now has much neater and well shaped eyebrows too! Ain't she look lovelier after the brow waxing and shaping session? 

Watcha waiting for? Call and make your appointment at 03 - 2164 9688 and get your brow service with your bff too! Or perhaps mother or sister? Well, it's for 2! :D