May Surprise from HiShop!

Remember my previous post about how you can stay beautiful with HiShop? HiShop gave me May surprise with another box that contained secret to stay beautiful and presentable! And... I can't wait to share it with all of you today! Read till the end for surprise! :p

Upon unboxing it, I actually screamed and jumped happily seeing all the products that I actually planned to buy and now I can save my money and buy another beauty products! The three products prepared for me this time just perfect for my daily needs for a very very simple look. Let's check out what are they!

Twistband Hair Tie

Just so you know that the moment I received the newsletter from HiShop about the new arrival of Twistband Hait Tie, I immediately in love with it and wish to buy it! This hair tie is different than the ordinary one, it made of soft elastic that keep your hairstyle secured. It is thicker than regular hair ties, but they don't leave marks in your hair! Not only that, they also look adorable on your wrists too. 

Purchase Twistband Hair Tie at HiShop! They comes in various design as below:-
  • LISA/SAM-Twistband Hair Tie Solid (3pcs) - RM16
  • COCO CHEETAH/PINK DOT-Twistband Hair Tie Print (3pcs) - RM26
  • JESSICA-Twistband Hair Tie Metallic (3pcs) - RM26
  • CHLOE/LAUREN-Twistband Headband Solid (3pcs) - RM32
  • PINK CHEETAH-Twisted Headband Print (3pcs) - RM36
  • ANGELA-Twisted Headband Metallic (3pcs) - RM36
  • CROWN/SKULL-Twisted Hair Tie Bauble (3pcs) - RM36
  • ALEX-Twisted Headband Tie Dye (3pcs) - RM38

Look at that! I can tie a small side bun with the hot pink Twisted Hair Tie that HiShop included in the box! The quality is guaranteed and now am tempted to grab the Twistband Hair Tie Bauble series as they have lil charm on it! After I untie my hair, there's no marks and that's just made me loving it more. 

If this is not convincing enough, perhaps this video will helps! You can watch how to style the Twistband! :D

Farmasi BB Cream (SPF 15)

The Farmasi All-in-One BB Cream has broad spectrum protection, soothes and moisturizes skin, disguises blemishes and has anti-aging properties. Why it called "All-in-One"? This is because it's a moisturizer, anti-aging cream, sunscreen, primer and foundation all rolled into one! It provides covergae like a foundation would, but since it has an ultra light formula, it doesn't clog the pores. The BB cream also contains multi-vitamins and ingredients that help improve skin over time. You can choose from the two tones - Light and Medium Dark - depending on your skin. 

Purchase Farmasi BB Cream at HiShop! A tube of 50ml at RM39.90 only!

Farmasi All-in-One BB Cream made of:-
  • Macadamia Oil - Moisturizes the skin all day long.
  • Vitamin B3 - Has the properties that creates a natural looking glow for your skin.
  • Oat Extract - Nourishes and encourages skin regeneration to maintain a youthful skin.
  • SPF 15 - Protection against harmful effects of the sun.
  • Silk Protein - Has healing properties that soften, smoothen and evens skin tone.
  • Collagen & Argan Oil - Improves skin surface and reduces the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.

The Farmasi BB Cream claimed that it produces a very natural, as natural as no-makup-look. Well, let's check it out! The picture (left) showing my full face after applied toner-moisturiser-serum and the picture (right) after applied the Farmasi All-in-One BB Cream. I love the texture that is really light and it has a pleasant smell in it. Besides that, I also love how it gives me the natural look with sufficient coverage on blemishes and even out my skin tones. Worry about the low SPF level? Just apply your favorite sunscreen product that contained higher SPF level before/after you applied this BB cream will help!

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Cushion Lip Balm (Crush)

This is yet another product that I wish to buy the moment it arrived HiShop! To be able to own it now, it just made me a happier girl! The Jelly Pong Pong Lip Cushion Lip Balm is an irresistible cushion-soft gloss with a squishy and elastic texture.

Purchase Jelly Pong Pong Lip Cushion Lip Balm at HiShop! Get one at RM29.90 only!

The Jelly Pong Ping Lip Cushion Lip Balm is made of evening primrose oil beeswax and aloe vera to heal lips and improve suppleness. 

Look at the swatch that I did on my hand, it only gives a sheer and translucent tint and that also the same when you apply it on your lips. 

I personally love how it moisturises my chapped lips all day long. For daily basis, these 3 products completed my basic look! :D What are the 3 essential products to complete your basic daily look? 

Again, HiSHOP being generous enough to includes another two discount vouchers in the box! Thank you HiSHOP for preparing these 3 products that I love and wish to have it! <3

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