Media Workshop - Pantene's Pro-V Color & Perm Lasting Care Range

I used to be someone who were afraid of go through chemical treatment on my hair until I reached 20 years old and the first thing I did on my hair was permed it and colored it the next 3 days. I know this is crazy and I never thought it's actually damaging my hair. Well, perhaps it wasn't that obvious until I bleached my whole hair and my hair damaged till the point that I wish I can just stay at home for that whole period. It took me at least a year to get back a lil bit healthy hair of my own. But, I guess now there's no dilemma anymore after Pantene launched the newest range - Color & Perm Lasting Care Range

Yours truly was so glad to get invited to attend the Pantene's Damage Discoveries media workshop last week. Let's check out what is it all about, shall we? 

Quick Facts about Chemically-treated Hair:-
  • Hair is in the most sensitive condition just after a colour and perm. Color solutions chemically force cuticles open, pushing color pigment into hair while perm solutions penetrate and break hair protein bonding, causing it to be reshaped within.
  • The temperature of a hair iron after several minutes of usage is equivalent to the temperature needed to melt plastic immediately -> excess heating damages protein in the hair strands, causing it to bobble.
  • Backcombing hair permanently damages the cuticles by lifting the cuticle scale edges up and back.
  • Cutting hair tips with a craft scissors makes hair vulnerable as the cuticle and fibers are pressed and broken by a blunt scissor's edge.
  • Touching hair 24 times a day subconsciously changes the hair style which you set in the morning!
  • Ordinary styling products are difficult to wash off, causing great damage by tangling hair when it's wet. This accelerates causes of split ends/breakage and depletes hair's natural shine!

The media workshop unveiled that fading color and curls are not due to one's hair condition, but are caused by one key component - hair damage. 

Ms Goh Seng Jone
The media workshop first started with the welcome speech by the emcee and followed by the speech by Ms Goh Seng Jone (Communications Manager of P&G Malaysia).

The next part was very interesting - Lais Koelle (Pantene Asia Communications Scientist) Hair Talk Session with rising starlet, Anzalna Nasir and talented shoe designer, Christy Ng! They presented the video clips of both Anzalna Nasir and Christy Ng who shared their hair concerns and experience with the new Pantene range. 

Lais Koelle - Anzalna Nasir - Christy Ng - Goh Seng Jone
Anzalna Nasir - "As a model and actress, my hair is subjected to repeated coloring, perming and excessive styling for filming and photo shoots. You can imagine how worried I'd get when I get my hair processed. Even though the end results look great in photos and on screen, I still want my hair to remain healthy in its natural state. That's when I think Pantene Color & Perm helps relieve some of my stress. I know that every time I apply the products, I'm reversing the damage that the chemical treatments have done to my hair, that feels good!"

Christy Ng - "I'm creatively inclined, so naturally, I like experimenting with different hair styles and colors. But more often than not, doing so would result my hair to break and fall. Ever since I discovered that healthy hair retains color and shape better, I've been diligently using the new Pantene Color & Perm products to protect it from further damage. Having not to worry about hair woes gives me the freedom to express myself in any look I desire."

Three volunteers came up to the front for a demo on comparing and showing how healthy hair supposed to be. The experiment was pretty easy and all of you can try it at home too! :p

The first step - Cut a strand of your hair for approximately 2cm. If you hair length is long enough, you can just put them into the jar of water without cutting it off. :D

Put the hair into the water and lightly stir it up. Then, look into the water if your hair slowly falling to the bottom of the jar or floating. 

According to Lais Koelle (Pantene Hair Care Scientist), "Research reveals that hair gets damaged every time it goes through color or perm, due to a loss of moisture and the destruction of the hair's natural protective layer. Even on healthy hair, if the damage from these chemical treatments is not repaired, the results are colour that doesn't last and curls that don't hold up. The more damaged the hair is, the more apparent they appear to be."

The new Pantene's Pro-V Colour & Perm Lasting Care is enriched with a new Liquid Crystal Shampoo System that "repairs" damage through the formation of a thin, even film around hair fibres that act as a pseudo F-layer. It conditioning actives increase hair fibres' hydrophobicity so hair is resistant to damage when in contact with water. 

The fun part of the media workshop would be the latest trends in hair color and perms by Aaron Yap (Founder of Hair Atelier). He showed us such colorful slide presentation of latest trend of hair color for Summer time! Apart of that, the team of Hair Atelier also showed us the tips and tricks on setting up our hair in simple ways. 

With a high ponytail, you can use as sweet as her. This kind of hairstyle certainly perfect for student or even working adults in their daily life. :D 

You could have this lovely bun on your head with a help of "donut" bun and bob-pin hair accessories to complete this look! 

Aaron Yap - Christy Ng - Goh Seng Jone - Anzalna Nasir - Lais Koelle
Aaron Yap & Caroline
Kelly - Mei Sze - Caroline
Mei Sze - Caroline
It was really fun and knowledgable media workshop I would say, I could learn more and even better of our hair. That also means it's time to use the whole product range that given to us in order to enjoy healthy way and "enjoy" the chemical treatment without any dilemma! :D