Dai Ban Noodles @ Damansara Utama

I've been blogging about beauty and now let's talk about foods! Not girly talks but foodie talks maybe?

Dai Ban Noodles, located in Damansara Utama aka Damansara Uptown can be easily spotted by the roadside with their huge signboard and banner at the outside. Before entering this place, I thought I'm going to have several types of noodles for dinner and only realised that I was wrong. They're not just serving noodles but variety of choices of foods and beverages too. What makes them rather special would be the way they prepare the foods with thoughts and also they uses fresh ingredients for their dishes. 

Salted Egg Squid (RM11.90)
We started our meal with something light, the Salted Egg Squid was fragrant that allowed you to enjoy the soft yet chewy squids. Each part of the squids were well coated with the salted egg and not oily too. 

Crunchy Prawn Roll (RM7.90)
Followed by the Crunchy Prawn Rolls, you would be surprised with the fresh and succulent prawns within it. Crispy on the outside and topped with mayonnaise spread, that's one of the lovely appetisers one that wish for. 

Smoked Duck (RM8.90)
Everyone loved the Smoked Duck and agreed that one of must-order item in Dai Ban Noodles. It is perfectly smoked and tasted delicious and you'll wish for more one after one. 

Claypot Pumpkin & Pork Rib Congee (RM10.90)
Doesn't matter if you don't fancy the taste of pumpkin because this could be the exception. The Claypot Pumpkin & Pork Rib Congee suitable for almost all ages for it's soft and smooth texture and it's healthier this way too. Taste wise, you hardly can taste the strong pumpkin taste in it. 

Dai Ban Pork Burger (RM15.90)
Thick and juicy patty!
If you look at the banner outside the shop in the first picture, you can see that they claimed it as the best pork burger in town. Dai Ban Pork Burger - thick and juicy pork patty with cheese and salad in dark charcoal bun, accompanied by the crispy golden wedges on the side - it was pretty yummy! 

Traditional Handmade Dai Ban Mee (RM6.50)
Traditional Handmade Dai Ban Mee being one of the signature dishes at here, yet another must try too! The handmade noodles in a bowl of flavourful soup with generous amount of ingredients, perfect for a meal. It was fragrant, must be the anchovies and mushroom played their role in it. 

Lemon Grass Pork Chop with Fried Rice (RM12.90)
Well, it was my first time to try Lemon Grass Pork Chop with Fried Rice. Pork marinated with lemon grass? It's unique and surprisingly delicious too! And...healthy in a way too? The portion was quite huge with coleslaw salad, fried egg, pork chop and fried rice.

Don't forget to order the Passion Fruit Juice too! They uses fresh passion fruit and blended it so you can taste the fresh fruit juice, perfect for someone who love sourish like me! :p The foods offered in Dai Ban Noodles are worth-to-try and the prices quite reasonable too! :D

Dai Ban Noodles
87G, Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama, 
47400 Damansara.
Business Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (10am - 10pm)
Email: daibannoodles@gmail.com
Tel No: +6 010-226 6988