Happy SIX-Monthsary, Love!

Of this SIX MONTHS, we only met and managed to spend some quality times together for NINE DAYS.

However, I guess it's still not bad right?
So far, we managed to meet each other every after a month plus.
We've met once on the November and December, and yes this end of January too.

The difference of our age gap only 2 years.

I went to Selangor and he also came Sabah before this.
Both Selangor and Sabah were within Malaysia, but hey we still need to take the plane to get to meet each other!

Height & Weight?
He is fleshy!! I is skinny!!
One thing, we accepted the way we are and loving each other! *LOL*


Photo Courtesy: mendmyheart

Don't you agree with that statement?
If you read our first-monthsary posts at HERE and HERE, you will certainly know how opposite our characters were.
However, despite of those differences, we do have something in common too!
That's make us happy to be together!

It will never leave us, I guess that is something needed in relationship too.
There's one time when we argued and I just ignored him for the entire night.
When I woke up, I saw this text from him...

Wifey, I’m sorry that you had go through all this. You don’t deserve this sort of treatment from me. You don’t deserve it at all. I’m sorry for hurting you. I promise you that I will really try my best to control my mood. Im sorry and really love you very much. I promise to try my best so we can live happily k. Hugs. Miss you very very much.


Tolerance is crucial in a relationship too!
You will never know how our temper can be, and tell you that sometimes our anger manipulate us.
Yet, am still glad both us still know how to tolerate with each other after this long.

Sorry, I just will never get enough from this.
Insecurities never stop haunting me, all thanks to my past long distance relationship experience.
But, I'm still trying my very best to deal with this feeling.
Dear Eric, he just never stop comforting me though he is quite disappointed with me at times.

Dear Eric,

Happy 6th-Monthsary to you!
Thanks for all the precious moments especially when we're together.
Thanks for loving me of course.
I'm happy to know that you love me more and more each days.
I myself too! Love you deeper and deeper as time goes by.
Hopefully there are more and more anniversaries for us to celebrate together!

Love you always, hubby! 



  1. yeah...we both had our pros and cons..let's work hard for it! =3

  2. yerrr...post my sms here wan!!! paise already!! where can!!! T______T

  3. definitely looking forward for the third time!! XD

  4. Happy 6th-monthsary!! Love you and miss you always.. =3

  5. awww so romantic..happy 6 mths anniversary to u both! ;)

  6. yeah arguments between lovers are normal..ultimately, they 'll help to bring u closer to ur partner! :)

  7. 6 months already? Gee! You make it sound like a pregnancy... Muahahahaha!!!! Congrats!

  8. hey that's very sweet.... Happy 6th monthsary for both of you... may you both have many many years and decades to come

  9. So sweet. Lovely post! Congrats to you & Eric

  10. 9 days out of 180 days, good enuff sweetie! Happy 6 months to the both of u! :D

  11. Insecurities come even in the strongest of loves, especially more if it's a long distance love affair.. but that makes it all the more romantic, so hang on to each other and ur love! :D:D:D

  12. Looking forward to your first yr anni yeah! ;)

  13. yayks!!!happy monthsary to both of you!!!

  14. yeah!i super agree with those quoted inside the boxes!!!

  15. @Eric Lee chopped! :P glad u like it!

    okie lets work it out together! hugs!

    mwahaha!! who ask u treat me like dat? :p

    i cant wait for next meeting too! :D

    LOVE U~

  16. @suituapui Heiyer!! wont so early get pregnant one la! hehe thanks STP!

  17. @Mariuca yes am very grateful ord! :) Thanks dearie! ;)

    hehe yes will hang on here!! :D

  18. Aiyoohh so sweet lar you two!! *bulu roma naik* Here's wishing to more and more anniversaries to come ok! And hope to see you more in KL too Caroline! :) *hugs*

  19. ar..so sweet~~Long distance relationship really not easy, gambateh!

  20. happy sixthmonsary. long distance relationships do work.

  21. Aww....you guys are really so sweet! I love the Tumblr quotes - they're indeed meaningful~ Awww..... :))

  22. oooh, so sweet!! happy 6th month-niversary to you both~~ :)

  23. yeah, i think you are very right, there's really a lot more things to be taken care of for long distance relationship..

  24. and i think you've been doing that quite well.. with all those commitment, tolerance, trust and respect.. it'll keep your relationship rolling.. :)

  25. so you both are getting married soon?? and i guess you'd sure move to KL after that?? hehehehe~~ :p

  26. Happy 6-monthsary to you and Eric!! : )

  27. it's the effort on both sides to make the relationship work.

  28. Quick! Quick! Get married and have babies!! : D

  29. ISH! Berbulu aku! but nice! so sweeeet! u forgot the part he's hairy too! :P

    But nvm lah.. since u two love to shave each other! :P

  30. Huh at first I read six month salary? Thought you dapat 6 month bonus wowie You guys so slow one the new Y Gen should be fast mah. Got a friend met her hubby sharing table *tub toi* eating har mee, exchanged name card dated few times, correspond letters as hubby working overseas *no email those days* then got married and lived happily ever after. Geng leh?

  31. this is such a sweet post. congratulations to the both of you for keeping your relationship strong for half a year. wish you more years of joys and love to come.

    don't worry about the age. 2 years is so ordinary. ours is almost a dozen years! LOL!

  32. awww...sweet lah..happy six monthsary teehee <3

  33. WOW! This is such a sweetie post! Happy 6 monthsary! Cheers to more years of togetherness!



  34. Happy 6th month anniversary Caroline.. may you always have happiness together :)

  35. Olla Caroline.

    Wah. Happy Happy SIX-Monthsary. Hope everything will sail smoothly. Hope you reach the end of your journey happily though the sea may be rough plus those heavy thunderstomes.

    Thought both may differ, but i am sure you both complete each other. :)

    Have a great day ya Caroline : )

    ps : your word verification makes me spell "fetshf" which sounds like fetish. haha

  36. @iamthewitchthanks dearie! aiya once in a blue moon only can be this sweet! :p

    yes yes hope can spend more time with u also this coming feb! yay!

  37. @choi yen Thanks Choi Yen. yes we're putting our effort on it too. :)

  38. @ErikaToh hehe thanks darling. yes i love them! :D

  39. @[SK] Thanks SK! :D yeaa and sometime really hard. :(

    ehem not getting married soon!! LOL! gonna take another 5 yrs maybe? :p

  40. @foongpc Thanks Foong! LOL! U siao meh! not gonna be quick for sure! xD

  41. @Bananazஇ LOL! wat la! so big diff la wei! :p

    omg!? serious!? thats real fast! so nice! with happy ending summore! :D

  42. @Gee of georyl.com Thanks Gee! :D

    lol! dozen? u sure or not? hahaha

  43. @Incik RestNrilekS Thank u so much! :D im hoping for smooth sailing journey too! :)

    LOL!! very fuhney aye!! ahahaha

  44. So sweet... Congrats to you & Eric :)

  45. Sweet post!
    Happy 6th month anniversary! =)

  46. Awww...that is such a sweet tribute to your husband :)
    I'm sure you will have many more special days, months and years with him!

    p.s. thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment!


  47. @Duni Thanks yea! :D but he is not officially my husband yet. xD

  48. Awwww....sweety sweety. :-)

    Congrats to you and your beloved. May your relationship last a lifetime.

  49. Hi Caroline It does not matter the quantity of time spent together. I think the quality is more important. The way i look at it as long as you truly love each other then nothing or no one else matters. Happy 6 months my friend.