Poring Hot Spring and Rafflesia Garden, Ranau

Sooo, after experienced the "painful" fish massage, we then headed to the Poring Hot Spring.
"Poring" actually one of the bamboo species that can be found at there.
This place is famous with its hot spring of course!

Us at the entrance bridge.

Mamut Stream

Look at the clear stream. 

Eric and I at the stream.

After passed by the stream, there is a pathway to go into the Hot Spring area.
It just like inside the jungle!! LOL!!


Eric with the bamboo trees.

I also want! 

Just walked through the pathway and you can see the Hot Spring!

We're already late that time and that's why we didn't go for the Canopy Walkway.
It is only open till 4.30pm.

Woooo.. can you see that?
Open Bath Tub!! 

No, we didn't go for that as none of us brought extra clothes and we're late already.
So, what we did was dip our legs into the hot spring water.


Eric and Daddy

Eric's leg so hairy!! 
The water is really hot!! You have to put your leg into it without moving then only feel comfortable with the water temperature. 

We just stayed there for a while and left as the day getting dark.
We managed to stopped by one of the Rafflesia garden along the way back.

Frankly, I myself quite disappointed with this one.
The entrance fee is RM 10 and when we entered there, what we saw was ONLY one Rafflesia at there!
Luckily clever Eric's daddy managed to reduced the price and only paid RM 50 for 7 of us.

Can you see that Rafflesia?
I was hoping to see the huge one.

Us captured with Rafflesia flower.
You see.. nothing else we can see at there, RM 10 is kinda not worth!

Eric's daddy found these fruits.
And only get to know this fruit is what locals at here called it as " Buah Ajaib " (Magical Fruit)
They said the first time u eat it, it gives SOUR taste, but when the second time u eat it, it will gives SWEET taste!

That's all for the day and we're all exhausted for the whole day trip!
We had our dinner at Inanam and back to rest.



  1. am i looking at a pre-nup photos?

  2. u looking good together in a pre nup pose where the stream is at the back..:D

  3. isn't it so cold in there Caroline?

  4. whaaaaaaaaaat?raflesia garden? so stinky, ryt?

  5. happy Saturday afternoon Caroline!!! hope ur feelin better now!

  6. btw, i just updated my blog list, hope to see my blogs here..terima kasih!!!Happy blogging Caroline!

  7. think back the rafflesia also geram already...zzzzzz

  8. hahaha wifey PURPOSELY dowan describe the bridge incident hor???? hehehee =P

  9. it's such a waste that cannot enjoy the hot spring there...hmmm =/

  10. hahaha we brought back some bamboo for Foong!! LMAO

  11. hahaha another incident...the polis from our fish spa place recognized us when he met my mom at Poring Hot Spring...say our group "enjoy" the most...tu la...everyone making noise!! hahaha

  12. Go and soak in hot spring...all the fat will melt and become slim. But you so skinny...later hot spring becomes sup tulang! Muahahahaha!!!

  13. Hah only 1 rafflesia???? Yeah def not worth the entrance fee then!

  14. Nice to see u and boyfie huggy-wuggy all the way he he, bet u had a blast! Thanks for the pics sweetie!

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  16. nice pics sweetie esp the 4th pic hehe! ;)

  17. @GAGAY yay FC! :D err not pre-nup la. :)not dat cold dy there. :)

  18. @Eric Lee haha! dnt geram dy ler. :)

    lalala! nothing oso! :p

    yea shud try it actually. :D but nemind ler.

    LOL!! got meh?? hahaha!! yeah la! who ask us so bising that time

  19. @Mariuca yeaa only 1 rafflesia, dats y geram only. :/

  20. @Monica wohoo! nice right the place! :D

    yea la so small la! geram only! :<

  21. Eric & Daddy its like copy and paste..haha so how was the stingko smell of rafflesia? ~;).

  22. Been to poring once but din get to see the rafflesia hehe. Smelly not? Sure disappointing can only see one.

  23. the place looks so great... and i wanna try that dipping my feet on that hot spring too!!

  24. hey i have seen a Rafflesia before...
    It's so big, scary and smelly...
    it's like a combination of giant pitcher plant and a flower...

  25. I found this blog through Chris Au's blog... The pictures are gorgeous. Thank you for posting them!