MM : Tarzan and Jane by Toybox

How's your bunnyyear so far peeps??
Hope it is a better year for everyone!

Remember we visited the Botanical Garden when Eric and family were here for holidays?

I guess I know why he wanted to jump, perhaps he wanted to try swing swing like a tarzan and see he can swing to the other tree or not!
Tarzan from Subang Jaya?! 

Here is the Jungle tale!
Tree Swing

Deep in the jungle,
In the land of adventure, lives tarzan


I am Tarzan from jungle you can be my friend

I am Jane and I love to ride an elephant

My name is Tarzan, I am Jungle-Man
The tree-top swinger from Jungle-land 
Come, Baby come, I will take you for a swing
Lets go honey, I'm Tingling

Tarzan is handsome, Tarzan Is strong

He's really cute and his hair is long
Tarzan is handsome, Tarzan is strong
So listen to the Jungle Song


I am Tarzan from Jungle, You can be my friend
I am Jane and I love to ride an elephant

When you touch me, I feel funny
I feel it too when you're touching me
Come to my tree-house, to my party
Yes I'll go if you carry me

Tarzan is handsome, full of surprise

He's really cute and his hair is nice
Tarzan is handsome, Tarzan is strong
So listen to the jungle song

Go cheetah, Get Banana
Hey Monkey, Get Funky

When I am dancing, I feel funky

Why do you keep ignoring me?
Tarzan is here, come kiss me baby
Oochie coochie, kiss me tenderly

" Tarzan is handsome, Tarzan is strong
hes really cute and his hair is long
Tarzan ia handsome, Tarzan is strong
So listen to the jungle song "

Do you think the real Tarzan is handsome?? 
Happy MM peeps and have a great week ahead to everyone!

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  1. look!! it's my fave color hahaha..

  2. ahhh this song brings back memories of childhood...

  3. lol @ Tarzan from Subang Jaya :D:D such a cute song..happy MM sweetie! :)

  4. wah so fast everyone.. lol!!

    Tarzan!! lol!! love the video.. ahahha.. so long have not heard this song..

    Happy MM sweetie!!
    I will do a feature post in LJC soon ya...

  5. What an adorable tune Caroline! First time listen ha ha!

  6. Happy MM sweetie! Have a wonderful week and don't work too hard! :D

  7. hahaha, i guess this song really is very suitable for you and Eric lor.. so matching~~ :D

  8. so i wonder if the Tarzan from Subang Jaya will be able to swing across the sea and reach Jane in the jungle in KK?? hehehehe~~ :D

  9. First time i have heard this one. Tarzan kind of cool. Happy MM my friend. BTW your site looks great. The new header and format rocks.

  10. @Eric Lee eiyer! no more chop chop ah?? :p hehe yea lor.

  11. @Monica FC2 dearie! ;) hehe i love this color too!! :D hahaha!! happy mm too!

  12. @Mariuca FC3! :D HAHAHA!!! very funny right? :p yes i hope so! :)

  13. @LadyJavahaha! oh u noe this song too!

    happy MM too! wokie no prob! :D

  14. @[SK] ROFL!! wat la u!! me not jane! i dnt like to ride on elephant! :P that one he memang definitely cannot do one! HAHAHA

  15. Haiya...though I would see you in skimpy leopard skin outfit and your darling in loin cloth swinging around in the jungle. LOL!!!

    P.S. Re. your reply to [SK], what do you like to ride on...if not an elephant? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  16. LOL @ the video and @ everyone's comment. Happy MM! all..

  17. The song is cute ler! And I think Eric more handsome than the real Tarzan! LOL! Hehehe :P

  18. wow i love the new look of your blog... so cute

  19. new look for new year...that's a good idea... maybe i could change mine too haha

  20. oh my not familiar with the songs but the lyrics are kinda funny haha

  21. have a great day and happy blogging

  22. Ooooooo, eyooooooo,,,,,,here comes Tarzan! ha ha ha!

  23. @suituapuihahahaha!!! i dnt have those! :p

    ish! ride on a horse maybe?? ;p

  24. @Namzhahaha!! y LOL!? Happy MM to u too! ;)

  25. @iamthewitch oh! that one is for sure!! mwahahahahaha

  26. @bluedreamer27 haha! thanks! ;) urs one still in xmas mood! :p

  27. @Petehahha!! seeeee can swing or not?? :p