MM : Shy Boy by Secret

It has been pouring almost everyday, and actually this kind of weather make me become less productive than usual days.
I know I know it's not a good thing and at this time, I am missing the hot white coffee that I had with Stephanie at Cawan Cafe on last Saturday before we fetching Ms Chang for our company's annual dinner.

For those who knows me well, I don't drink coffee, I don't like the bitter taste of coffee!
But, I've made an exception for this.
Stephanie ordered it and well just going to give it a try and surprised me that it tasted so good!

Having a hot white coffee during cold rainy day, heaven!

Aside from that, we ordered two sets of butter and kaya toasted bread too!
Can you see how thick is that? I mean the kaya and butter fillings.

The sweetness comes from this kaya and butter toasted bread was really a heavenly matched with the a lil bit bitter white coffee!
I love it very much.

Oh by the way...
I finally cut my front hair!
I'm feeling good with fringe!

Yours truly with fringe

Caroline at the company's annual dinner.
How do I look now? 

For am having Monday blue today, let me share some fun song with you guys!
The latest song from Secret - Shy Boy.
This song is now one of the HOTTEST song in this early 2011!

You Are My Shy Shy Shy Boy (Shy Shy Shy Boy)
Oh Oh Oh My Boy (My My My Boy)
Even if he's ugly, that kind of a man with a warm heart Oh
Bye Bye Bye Boy (Bye Bye Bye Boy)
Oh Oh Oh Bad Boy (Bad Bad Bad Boy)
Even if he's not magnificent, that kind of man that only treasures me Shy Boy

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  1. I also cannot take black coffee Caroline.. too bitter for me..

    Wah Monday Blues on Music Monday? No can do!! hehehe..

    Happy MM dearie.. love the up tempo song.. am dancing.. :)

  2. it's raining here too! ohh i love hot white coffee la hehe :D

  3. i like your fringe.. u look cute ;)

    Happy MM! hmm this one is a Korean band is it? love the music video :D

  4. Shy boy...??? Me lah! I'm very shy one. LOL!!!

  5. P.S. You don;t drink coffee? Oooo...I'm a coffee person. No coffee, can't wake up in the morning...

  6. Owh i am a coffee person Caroline. It doesnt matter if it is Black or White!! Auwwww (MJ Black n White singing tune!!)

    It s Black! Its White.. Terennn tenn!!

    Wahhhh you white coffee looks good with that Roti Kaya. Nom Nom Nom

  7. drink ipoh white coffee with me!!! dun care!!! =3

  8. coffee not necessary only bitter wan k? =3 so many types of coffee!!

  9. cut hair already sure look nice la...wifey look nice no matter what.. =3

  10. eh!!! me love roti kaya!!! XD me love kaya!! XD especially when it is cold!! XD

  11. dance like that in the MV for me see...ok? this saturday? ok? OK!!

  12. It is kopi for me every morning, sometimes whole day! LOL!

    Wah, dressing up so nice for annual dinner!

  13. Before this no fringe eh? I oso like fringe he he!

  14. Ha ha ha see.... nice right coffee??? Coffee doesn't have to be bitter although sometimes I like mine kaw kaw punya! :D:D

  15. Happy MM sweetie, have a wonderful week ahead! :D

  16. nice hair style there... is that a new korean girl band? :)

  17. I don't like either coffee or rainy day :( Give me sunshine!!!

  18. @LadyJava yay! FC1! :D yeaaa dnt like bitter! :/

    lol yeaaa la in holiday mood dy. :p

    i love the tempo too!! lol very funny d way they dance!:p

  19. @Monica FC2 dearie! :D

    haha the only coffee i like at the moment. :p

    Happy MM too! yeaa one of the korean band!

  20. @suituapui u whr got shy shy! dnt like coffee but love starbucks! :p harr?! cant wake up?? gosh

  21. @Incik RestNrilekS haha! u love coffee eh! ;) yeaa miss those!! :3

  22. @Eric Lee lalalalala! BITTER! hmph

    heee thanks hubby!! hugs!

    next time i make for u k? :D

    NO WAY! hmph! u la dance like dat!! >:(

  23. @Mariuca hi dearie! :) before this fringe long edi. :( haha i know now u have fringe dy!! :D whoaa kaw kaw summore!!

    Happy MM too dearie! ;)

  24. @choi yen lol! i dnt like coffee but love rainy day. BUT only when am at home! xD

  25. yeah... the weather is quite weird ... but i like it when it's raining...

  26. in fact,... i want to rain heavily ... i do believe with this equation
    bad weather = no work = no stress = more fun

  27. Haha! Finally learn to like coffee?

  28. I love coffee more and more nowadays whether it's Papparich or OldTown or Starbucks! It's nice drink but I don't drink it everyday just when I feel sleepy! Haha!!

  29. I still can't drink too much coffee or I will feel restless and jittery.

  30. Oh! I love eating bread with kaya and butter and then drink coffee. Such a wonderful match!! Love it!!

  31. That's why my ideal breakfast is toasted bread with butter and kaya + half boiled eggs + coffee!! Perfect!!

    But that's only once in a while. My everyday breakfast is still strictly fruits, fruits and fruits! : )

  32. Of course I love the rain!! Not productive? It's very productive for me, I can sleep! Sleep is very productive you know! Haha!!

  33. How's your annual dinner? Wah! So nice get to dress up for the dinner! : )

  34. Catchy!! I like it. I really do. Played this one twice before commenting. Thanks for sharing Carol.

    Happy MM!

    is a shy and coffee boy. Make it black please.