Sucky Lunch at Pizza Hut, Likas

I was craving for pasta and lasagna so badly the other day.
I asked my lunch mates (Ms Chang & Stephanie) if we could go for any Italian foods that day.
Too bad that our lunch time is only ONE hour thus we couldn't go further to get nice Italian Restaurant.
Therefore, we opted to go for Pizza Hut, and it's either go for Taipan or Likas area as our office located in the middle of them.
So, looking at the jammed road to Taipan, we ended up go for Likas one.Free Smiley

As usual, we were greeted by a warm welcome by the staffs.
Alright, here it starts...
We were forced to go upstair to dine as they doing cleaning.
GREAT, as we saw they allowed some people to dine there but NOT us.

After took our orders, as usual drinks comes first.
Took a sip of this Revive, it tasted shucks! Free Smiley

It just like a plain water added with a pinch of salt inside it.
Ms Chang ended up request to change to Coke.

I seldom drink Coke due to the gas inside it.
Obviously, I DON'T like it at all. Free Smiley

Am wondering since when the garlic sticks turned to butter sticks?! Free Smiley
They just spread the butter on the bun and toast it.
Certain part burnt somemore!

Of all Pizza Hut outlets, I guess Likas one is the worst! 
Am not complaining but this mushroom soup not creamy at all and it's more watery!Free Smiley

Stephanie and I opted for this carbonara.
To our disappointment, the spaghetti not al dente at all and I just had to say "It's overcooked!"Free Smiley
I had a quite hard time to finished it up.
Luckily the taste was okay!

Ms Chang ordered this Butter Chicken Pizza.
Am not sure how it was, but she only ate two slices of it and packed another two slices back to office and gave it our colleagues.

Sigh. How come it turned this worst?!
I mean this kind of fast food chain should maintains their foods standard on each outlets.
The one at KK still can maintain it well even though lots customers and how come this little outlet at Likas couldn't do better ?
What a sucky lunch we had there! 

P/S: Pizza Hut Likas not busy at all. 


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  1. woo hooooo refreshing like mad panda just now! :D:D

  2. Yeah soup looks watery kaler oso like tak menjadi the soup!

  3. Sometimes I get cravings for pasta and italian food too, my fave! :D Sorry ur lunch was sucky.. i oso bad mood if sucky meals! :(

  4. All these franchise places, expensive and food isn't that great. With that kind of money, can go for a lot of nicer things elsewhere. Yup...Pizza Hut's quality control real bad - I experienced that before in one Sg Petani outlet - food sucks. Only the pizzas...more or less the same everywhere.

  5. @Mariuca heya FC1! :D

    Actually i like Revive, thats d only carbonated drink i can drink. :/

    dats y! so yucks! :(

    trus bad mood after experienced like dat! :<

  6. What a horrible experience :( Some Pizza Huts really don't have QC, I have experienced this before too. I guess now you know, so don't go to this outlet anymore dy..

  7. @iamthewitch yea lor. so damn teruk. :( definitely wont go there anymore!

  8. Nasib Baik dont have Likas over here in Ipoh.. :)

  9. hmmmm, this is such a bad experience.. i see the photo already think there's no standard already..

  10. errr perhaps just this outlet lah, the one i went in Mid Valley still quite good and standard woh..

  11. even my very picky friend also never complain about the food, instead he loves the cheezy lava so much, hahaha!! :D

  12. oh yeah, i agree with you their mushroom soup is just a nightmare!! i also dunno how to explain.. taste bland with lots of starch to thicken the soup but yet watery~~

  13. and the garlic bread, OMG, so poorly done.. and what butter chicken pizza?? looks horrible to me too~~

  14. Oh very the malu-ing always hold on high regard for Pizza Hut but now reverse it my Heart Pecah already after reading this entry.. why such rotten QC? haiz

  15. wjoa... love the Pizza but not really into carbonara...
    i love red pasta dishes than the white spaghetti haha

  16. @reanaclaire ahaha! dnt worry Likas not exist in Ipoh one! :D

  17. yeaaaa....some times these outlets memang no QC wan..

  18. actually ESPECIALLY those with very few customers k? It already shows their QC very teruk

  19. this is because...since so few customers...they already NOT USED TO giving good service at a fast pace...and ppl there get lazy and then cin cai cin cai do only!! XD

  20. u eat those pizza hut with many ppl...sure nicer coz they used to working fast and good! XD

  21. coz if service teruk n food teruk...and many ppl go there...sure the management will goreng them..muahaha XD

  22. @[SK] yes very bad one! :< i think maybe only this outlet la cz i ate at Taipan and KK one no prob. :)

    lol! cheezy lava only nice if eat when it serve hot! :)

    ahh that one bout mushroom SO TRUE!! tsk tsk!

    lets do the conclusion, never go this outlet nymore!

  23. @Bananazஇ auww. no la i think maybe only this outlet! :)

  24. @bluedreamer27 i love carbonara! :D oh u mean u like bolognese one. hehe

  25. I, honestly, don't like pasta..i don't eat pasta..but with pizza, those are my cravings!hahaha!

  26. Aiyoo..

    maybe is the chefs of this outlet, not that good?

  27. I haven't experience a bad Pizza Outlet here in the Philippines/

    Pizza Hut here is OK but I prefer Shakey's.

  28. @GAGAY LOL! y dnt like pasta?! its yummy GG! :D

  29. @Ishmael Fischer Ahab gud to u then! :) this is d 1st time i experience such terrible experience. :(

  30. That's b'cause they not too strict on interviewing people to join them... not enough experience and skill to do so... they allowing the newbie to prepare the food and serve to customer.... and the old staff like to do something's shortcut even though the guide are infront of them....

    ~~ my experience also...~~