Lunch at Cawan Cafe, Beverly Hills.

Still remember I mentioned about the nice white coffee at Cawan in my previous post?
Actually my lunch-mates and I had lunch at there the day before the annual dinner.

After the sucky lunch at Pizza Hut, I hoping for delish foods for lunch.
(It's not that am being choosy, but just don't wish my mood spoiled by my lunch!)
Ms Chang suggested this place since she went there before as it just around her housing area.
Am quite excited when we're on the way to this place.

Cawan Cafe at Beverly Hills.

I saw this on their wall.

This one actually quite similar to Old Town and Paparich.

You can try their Bakery Set or Basket Set.

The menu for their foods!
Cawan serves Malaysian Delights.

The ambiance of the place.
Although it's a non-aircond place, it gives you cozy and chill feeling!
We don't feel hot, but just nice! :D

While waiting for our orders, Ms Chang and I look around and I love their super clean toilet!
And there's also bakery corner where they offering buns, tarts, cakes and bread.

Egg tarts & butter-cheese sticks

Cute cupcakes!

Chocolate swissrolls.
It's looks so chocolatey!! 

Finally our foods and drinks arrived!

Iced Lemon Tea with sugar syrup.
The lemon tea served with two thick layers of lemon slices! I likey!

Ms Chang and Stephanie had this Chicken Chop Mongolia Set.
They gave me try it, and I love the tender chicken meat and the curry leaves made it more flavorful.
It's slightly spicy due to the curry leaves in it.
It just so different from the usual black pepper chicken chop!

I had this Prawn Salad with Rice. It tasted delicious with the sesame seeds on top of it!
I love the crunchiness of it! Smiley

We ordered this ABC Ice Kacang for dessert.
Ohmy, it so huge and lucky that three of us sharing it!
Ooh-La-La~~ It's so yum with my favorite peppermint ice cream on it!Smiley

Ms Chang and I

Stephanie and I

We're so satisfied with our lunch though we wish for another hour lunch break so that we could try ALL the foods at there!! Smiley
Who don't love foods aight?

The bill came out RM 34 only!
Can you see there? The Iced Lemon Tea is RM 0!
It's actually one set with our foods.
It's totally worth it to pay for these yummylicious foods!

Oh well, this place so gonna be my favorite place for lunch.



  1. yumm yumm! luckily i've just had my dinner haha :D

  2. Beverly Hills sounds familiar...near 1Borneo is it??

  3. i just got back from dinner... but looking at those made me hungry again leh!!!

  4. Haha.. glad to knw u got a nice plc for lunch adt readin abt yr bad experience previously.

  5. haha, we also have a place called "Chawan" here in KL (noticed the extra h), but this one is more of a mamak lah..

  6. the cupcakes are very cute and nice, so colorful, and i think they should taste good also right??

  7. the swiss roll also looks nice woh, hahaha.. actually i like the whole bakery section lor~~ :D

  8. and finally the ABC!! OMG, that's so huge a serving.. the ice cream on top looks just so tempting leh..

  9. I want the ABC!! And I won't share it with anyone else!! Haha!

  10. ehhhh eat peppermint ice cream without me!! >=(

  11. never try the coffee this time? hehe

  12. the chicken chop looks very nice!! heeh

  13. Nothing that I fancy... The chicken chop rice rather expensive...for a place like that - like one of those franchise places.

  14. ahahy.. lot's of early birds here so hopeless to get the FC LOL

  15. wow the cupcakes are really really really cute... i would rather keep it on the fridge than ruining the Icing designs hahah

  16. your post is too perfect for my breakfast....hehe

  17. good morning Caroline
    Have a great day!

  18. The portion of the ABC is huge O.O

  19. I guess this makes up for the sucky lunch at the pizza place!

  20. I also like Monggolian chicken, we have a place here that serves this dish... I love curry leaves...

  21. the ice kacang has an alien on top that looks like icecream!!!! Yikes! U ate alien! :P

  22. Yah! Really really yummy food that you got there Caroline. :-) my stomach is grunting. Your post made it hungry again.

  23. Nice place, looks cool! Next time bring me for lunch there. :)