Everything Fresh for My Stories!

*cough cough*
Yes, am not fully recover yet, my cough somehow getting worse.

Most of you sure realized about my site's new look for quite sometimes already.
How do you like it? 

If you ask me, I am very satisfied with this blog makeover!
Actually, I've been thinking of getting a new look for "My Stories" since last year.
Dear Eric being such a sweetheart and designed a header for me! 

Still remember how's "My Stories" 's previous look?

And turned into this one? 

I think you can see many familiar faces at there!!
They're all people I can always share almost everything with.
Whose idea? Eric!

Not only header, but the background too!
Dear Eric trying to find something can match with my header, and initially he comes out with the bubbles background, and after that only decided to put on this stars one.
Again, he knew that I love stars!

For my badge, he designed something similar with my header.

My new badge!

So, after he finished with all designs part, it's time for template tweaking part!
This one, of course must let Lady Java tweak it for me!
How do you like my new template at here?

Big thanks to Eric and LadyJava for this site's makeover for this brand new year!

Oh! Do you realize My Stories has its own domain already??
It is now officially turned to www.carolinemayling.com !

Eric got it for me while he got himself www.ericleeh.com !
I decided not to start from scratch like what he did, I took Mariuca's advice to just get own domain as am also one of the Wordpress dummy!! *LOL*
I think if without Lady Java and Grey's help, Eric's website also won't be able to be launched on time!
Though I have to congrats him once again for his effort in spending lots time in exploring everything and now that site turns out very cool!




  1. hahha finally FC after so long!! =3

  2. Not exactly my idea la...since you mentioned it before want all their pictures wan... =3

  3. yayks! i made a chop!!! but Eric SSG!

  4. I kiasu a bit..put more our pictures!! muahahahaha XD

  5. Will thank Grey and LJ properly later in my blog as well.. =3

  6. hahaha must mention out how wifey give me hard time think the domain name..HMPH >=(

  7. syabas Eric! the banner's looking so sweety in pink!!

  8. you and eric clicks..really really looking in love wid each other.. :D

  9. @GAGAY waaaaaaaaah! Even Eric SSG, i still manage to chop!LOL!

  10. congrats Caroline to ur new domain!!!

  11. Woo...carolinemayling.com sounds so cool lar!!! Congrats, darling! You finally have your own domain~ It's so nice!^^

    Love it max! xD

  12. Oh me too me too, love the magical feel of stars..... :):):)

  13. Yay so happy to be included in ur header with the rest of my beautiful ladies Mon and LJ! :):):)

  14. And congrats on the new domain sweetie, woo hoo, baru la mcm "rumah sendiri" kan? He he... :D:D

  15. Still cough2 spit2 kah? Mine tinggal sikit je.. more like spit2 than cough2 hahahahah.. ooops! :)

  16. hey sweetie i love ur new header too of course! :D

  17. and thanks for including me..yay i'm so happy..love yah! :D

  18. LOVE your new banner and your new domain!! Well done to Eric!! :)

  19. congrats on yr new domain name. and layout. what a sweet couple u both are! :)

  20. Congrats! Very nice...now I must go and change the link in my blogroll.... See ya!

  21. @Eric LeeFC1! :D Haha! but u made it REAL! :D

    Hahaha!! hubby kiasu! :p

    hmph! like dat oso wanna mention! i dint mention u wanna get cerewet.com for me yet! >:(

  22. @GAGAY FC2! :D haa!! nemind still got a chop ma! ;)

    love is still in the air GG! U n M too! :D

    thnx GG! I love my new domain! :D

  23. @Mariuca hello! :D yesh so true!

    auww. glad u like it too! :D

    yes new home!! :p

    less cough dy! wohoo!

  24. @Monica yay!! glad u love it too! ;)

    u're most welcome dearie! :D

  25. @suituapui Haha! thnx STP! actually no need change oso can one, still will redirect to here! :D

  26. congrats on your new domain name Caroline.. awesome indeed.. and the new home is looking cozy with new header, background and template!

  27. eh you havent change Eric's new domain name on your sidebar.. hehehe