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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Doesn't matter whether you're a Fashionista yourself or not, here's something awesome coming to your way! Well, actually it is HERE already! The second day of the Malaysia Fashion Week marked the official launching of Japan's No.1 fashion mobile app - WEAR - in Malaysia! I would not want to miss to be a part of the official launching with the rest of the Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers in town. 

WEAR is the official digital partner of the inaugural Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW) 2014 show segments from 20-22nd October 2014, particularly for Mercedes-Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week (MBSAFW) and Malaysian Fashion Show (MFS). The Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW) is a collaborative effort between national trade promotion agency MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation) and the country's leading fashion event organizer, STYLO International.

Shinji Kijitani - Caroline - Tatsuya Kubota - Hidenori Fukushima

I considered myself pretty lucky for the chance to get to know about the app through the actual people behind this app. Both Mr. Shinji Kijitani and Mr. Tatsuta Kubota explained on how do we use the WEAR app, from setting up an account, post the look, comment and recommend look, save the look, etc. This app has so many features built into it, try it yourself to explore all of them!

"WEAR combines the best of all popular social media applications and activities such as fashion photo sharing, journaling, hashtagging and e-commerce into one exciting smartphone app." said Hidenori Fukushima, Manager of WEAR Globa Business Development.

Just so you know that WEAR is Japan's No.1 fashion mobile application featuring daily trending looks by brands and fashionistas from all over the world. The mobile application allows users to search trending looks and the hottest styles of celebrities around the world; save photos of clothes they like; and upload and share their countless of fashion selfies or pictures of styles they find attractive.

In addition to being a fashion styling tool, WEAR also allows users to purchase items online. Zozotown's database of products and existing agreements with thousands of brands and stores allow for consumers to view product information and images onlne. Users can also contact merchants directly to make online purchases. WEAR also solves the problem of brands not delivering to certain countries by showing similar styles by other brands which users can consider.

WEAR users are classified into three categories - General users, brand representatives and WEARISTAS. Brand representatives use the app to market their clothing lines whilst WEARISTAS are a select group of fashionable people, ie. models, celebrities and ordinary people turned fashionistas.

As part of the fashion festivities, WEAR will be selecting ONE lucky fashionista or blogger to be the recipient of the coveted WEARISTA Style Icon Award on October 22nd. The WEARISTA Style Icon Award recipient will win a trophy, 10 exclusive invites for the Malaysia Fashion Week 2014 "After Party" on October 22nd and a John Robert Powers @ Stylo Academy private session worth over RM2,000.

To win the coveted WEARISTA Style Icon Award competition, just upload a picture of yourself wearing a designer or designer-inspired outfit from the list of designers showcasing at MFW 2014 on WEAR and hashtag #ootd #MBStyloAFW #< your name > by 21st 2014.  
The most stylish photo and/or most creative interpretation of a participating designer outfit wins. More information on WEAR and MFW 2014 can be obtained by looking up “WEAR” in the Google Play Store or App Store and, respectively or follow Stylo International and MBStyloAFW on social media - Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Have you heard of the Platinum Purified Therapy facial treatment? 

If you're having unhealthy digestion system, pimples would appear on either your face or back. I bet most of us have to agree that a proper extraction is needed to clean up the pimples on our face, but somehow in some cases, extraction procedure causes irritation of our skin that in the end worsen the skin condition. 

With Platinum Purified Therapy, there's no need worry about skin irritation. It is a unique detox procedure where it is able to solve heavy metal that cause skin sensitive, redness, itchy, acne, pimples, open pores, rough skin and dry skin

I've decided to give it a try and I shall share how's the entire procedure was done and how's my experience with this. The beautician started off with double cleansing to remove all the makeup dirts on my face. It is important to do double cleansing every night before you apply toner and moisturizer. I was first worried of the facial scrub cleanser that she uses on my face due to my sensitive skin. When you have a very sensitive skin like me, you have to gently massage your skin to avoid more breakout due to excessive rubbing on your skin. 

Instead of applying the mask, the beautician proceeded with purification step. These capsules contain flavonoids with gingko extracts with the natural whitening ingredients. The purification superconducting capsules act as the strong carrier to penetrate quickly into the skin cells. It activates the cell auto antibodies and remove the bad particles under the skin that have been accumulated for years, such as mercury, lead, heavy metal coloring.

Four active ingredients in the capsules:
Rose Whitening Factor - women's beauty saints, whitening, moisturizing, skin rejuvenation beauty, skin wrinkle multiple functions, especially in aging, yellowish pigmentation, sensitive and weak skin.
Stem Cell Extract - activation and repair damaged stem cells can stimulate the regeneration of human skin stem cells to reverse aging by increase skin tightness and elastic, reduce shrink pores and wrinkles.
Lycopene - rich in Vc, Va, Vb, Ve elements. Antioxidant enhance immunity, anti-aging, eliminate radicals
Trace Elements - by promoting enzyme mineral cations and cell regeneration, promote cell energy metabolism protection.

The beautician uses two capsules with ultrasonic purification superconducting at my skin surface. The entire process took approximately 10-15 minutes and remove the toxin by using paper towel. The darker the shade shows how greater toxin out from your skin. 

The beautician then proceeds with applying a thick layer of mask on my face and leave it around 30-40minutes. This purifying mask has an active ingredient - Tremella Polysaccharide Extract  - which is rich in natural vegetable gum, protein, vitamins that can enhance the skin's immune system, eliminate facial melasma and freckle effect. Through this step, the essences of the ingredients slowly release to penetrate the skin, which leaves the skin feeling cool and comfortable after remove the mask. Long-term use can make the skin white and delicate, soft and flexible, reduce facial wrinkles, facial melasma fade and it could also restore muscle fatigue.

After removing the mask, the beautician uses the remaining of collagen essence and massage it all over my skin as well as did the lymphatic drainage massage too. As you can see, my previous dry and skin with redness has turned well moisturize and the redness reduced significantly. I was pretty amazed with my skin condition the next day, especially when I see no dry patchiness after applied my makeup the next day!

For My Stories readers who would like to try out this amazing Platinum Purified Therapy, you're able to enjoy 3 sessions at only RM680 by just mentioning my name and do not forget to like esmé Clinic Facebook Page!

esmé Clinic is also having a package promotion and you can enjoy Buy 3 Free 3 sessions!

esmé Clinic
No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One,
No. 72a, Jalan University, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel no: +6 03 - 7955 1491
Facebook: esmé Clinic | Instagram: @esmeclinic

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

If you know me well enough, you'd know I only play Disney related games OR anything that is cute! Recently, I stumbled upon this game on Google Play Store called "GeoPet Saga" and boy, it's adorable!


GeoPet Saga is one of the most sensational mobile game on Android platform now. The game was launched on 18th September 2014 and now it already reaches more than 50,000 downloads. GeoPet Saga is a product of Kingsoft Co. Ltd. who developed one of the most successful online game in South East Asia, the JX series.


Kingsoft is also one of the earliest established software developments enterprise in China with Season Studio, one of their subsidiary company is heavily invested by Xiaomi, the fastest growing Android smartphone company in the world. With GPS, Kingsoft hope to reinvent the old-school online experience for a more mainstream, mobile crowd. They are attempting to create a real-time social gaming experience for their regional players. One of the many efforts for this is seen with the introduction of the Brawl System.


The option lets its players to search for other players in the South East Asia region to engage in a battle. Players will be able to interact with one another through this, a concept similar to MMORPG. As quoted by Mr. Simon Yan, the General Manager of Kingsoft (M) Sdn. Bhd and Overseas Department Director of Kingsoft Seasun in an interview with Mona Tan, an independent PR consultant - You can’t make friends without a fight in GeoPet Saga


Kingsoft aimed to cover the entire South East Asia by the end of this year and they will begin to look into expanding into global regions such as Europe and North America. Kingsoft has big plans for GeoPet Saga and it aims to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry with it.

You can download GeoPet Saga at !

For more info about GeoPet Saga, visit their Facebook page at
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Monday, October 13, 2014

It was only a 8D7N trip and I take forever to finish the entire Sydney travelogue and I am aiming to complete it by the end of this month! *finger crossed* It was our third day in Sydney and we took the train to the city and followed by a ferry ride to the Taronga Zoo
** Taronga Zoo is the city zoo of Sydney and it is located on the shores of Sydney Harbour in the suburb of Mosman.
We arrived quite early, it was only 9am and the zoo is not open for public yet and we decided to grab our breakfast at the cafe outside the entrance of the zoo. The hot chocolate was good and it's perfect for the winter weather there. I still remember it was extra cold compared to the previous days! *brr*

This is the first photo booth that you can spot upon entering the zoo and there's actually much more at different spots. We were given the map together with the schedule of various animal shows and talks, animal encounter, and so on. You'd need to plan it properly in order not to miss any interesting animal show that only scheduled once a day. 

I guess it was still very early in the morning and all the Koala bears were still asleep. They look so cute cuddling on the tree that way! I wish I can hug them!

Reptiles and I can't be good friends. It always gives me some sort of chill whenever I look at them one by one. Although I was born in the Snake year, I couldn't just look and admire all the huge snakes in the zoo. I always imagine what if the glass is broken and they come out and eat me up alive! Silly, I know

We're looking forward to the Seal Show! Apparently it is always a full house and you have to make sure be there earlier in order to secure a good seat for yourself. The Seal Show is not only about watching how and what seals are capable to do, it's more like the combination of getting to know about the seals' life and how they can learn and trained to do fun stuff, entertaining and informative at the same time! We totally enjoyed the show and thought it was a pretty interesting comparison to the normal animal show. 

We then move on to look for those tiny Australian Little Penguins! They are so tiny and cute. It was so different to compare with the one I've seen at Ocean Park, Hong Kong. The Little Penguin is the smallest of all penguin species, weighing around 1kg and reaching about 30cm tall.

Do you know that the Galapagos Tortoises are the largest tortoises in the world?

Any bear lovers here? There's a bunch cute Sun Bear too!

Trust me, this thing looks freaking real there!

More animals...

Kangaroo! I love seeing the baby kangaroo with mommy kangaroo together!

Have you seen the Himalayan Tahr before?

Hey there, Orang Utan!

Asian Elephant


We also found this Floral Clock in the zoo! It is huge and surrounded with lovely flowers!

There's a place for you to enjoy your lunch and rest when you're tired of walking too!

There's over 4,000 animals for you to check out in Taronga Zoo and it will be crazy of me for putting ALL the photos of animals in this post. You can check out my Sydney trip album HERE as we took plenty of photos here! We left Taronga Zoo pretty early and shopped around the city before heading to Jamie's Italian at Pitt Street for dinner.

Taronga Zoo
Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman NSW 2088, Australia
Tel no: +61 2 9969 2777
Facebook:Taronga Zoo | Twitter: @tarongazoo | Instagram: @tarongazoo

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

It has been raining a lot lately. With the lightning and thunder outside, I just prefer to stay at home and avoid going out IF I don't have any meeting appointment outside. There's one rainy evening when I got hungry, too lazy to drag myself up to cook and the thought of food delivery came to my mind. 

When it comes to food delivery, I will always look for sites that provides good choices of food outlets, at least with the one that I always dine at. I came across this Food Delivery site called Room Service and spotted some of my favorite restaurants in the list too!

ROOM SERVICE, a Food Runner company, is THE one-stop food delivery portal for all your hunger needs. Served over 1 million hungry custoemrs, enjoy on-time food delivery to your doorsteps with our premium "hotel-like" service. We deliver from 11am-11pm, everyday, 365 days a year, rain or shine.

To get started, you'd need to create an account and you can proceed with selecting your desired restaurant from the list of restaurants available on the site. Each restaurant provided the complete menu as you find in the restaurant itself. *yay*

I guess it's easy to order if you're ordering from the usual restaurant that you normally dine at. As you can see, there'll be delivery charge and service charges on your bill. I personally think that the delivery charge quite expensive, especially when there's Nando's just 5-min away from my place. Well, if you look at it this way - I need not worry about finding parking; drive out and go through the jam due to the rain, it's pretty worth it this way. Of course, it is going to be well worth when you're ordering a large amount of foods! 

To complete the order process, you will have to fill in your address and make the payment online. Yes, this is another plus point I love about Room Service - online payment! There's no more worry of not having small change to make the exact payment when they deliver the food. 

Oh! Did I mention that Room Service will give you a call if there's any delay due to weather situation or order volume around your area? So far, I had pretty pleasant experience after ordered twice and my food arrived within 30mins! Everything was sealed and packed nicely, I also get to enjoy the warm food just the same as I could have in a restaurant. 

Room Service |
Facebook: | Twitter: @roomservicemy | Instagram: @roomservicemy

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Night view of the entire Da Nang - SKY36 is the perfect place to enjoy such stunning night view. 

The second night after our dinner, we were brought to SKY36 to chill the night away and enjoy the spectacular night view of the entire Da Nang. SKY36 is the highest bar in Vietnam, located at the rooftop of Novotel Premier Da Nang Han River.

Illuminated in deep blue, SKY36 feels like an extension of the night sky, it does feels like we're at the top of the world when we finally reached up high there! If you just prefer to chill and enjoy every single sip of your cocktails, staying outdoors whilst enjoying the view is such an awesome experience. After all, you don't get to enjoy such impressive panorama view of the entire city everywhere. 

SKY36 is an entertainment venue that combines the high energy dance scene of a nightclub as well as the chill out atmosphere of an upscale lounge. Thought we weren't able to stay for long outside the lounge due to the rain on that night. We entered the club and some of them starts dancing to the beat by gorgeous DJ Chanel! 

These are the packages available at SKY36 to cater to their guest.

35th & 36th Floor Rooftop, Novotel Danang Premier Han River,
36 Bach Dang street, Hai Chau district, Da Nang, Vietnam
Opening Hours: 6pm - 2am (daily)
Contact No: +84 511 3227 777
Facebook: SKY36 | Website:

You can find us at

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