MUST-TRY at Ishin Japanese Dining

My first visit to Ishin was years ago when Eric brought me there to celebrate my birthday during our early dating year. It was my second year in KL and I was truly enjoyed my dinner there. It was wonderful and everything was delicious! ❤

When Bok asked us to have dinner together, I said yes! We always wanted to go back there but it's either because of work or just the crazy traffic along the old Klang road that put us off. Thankfully it was one of those days when I can leave the office on time and we're back at Ishin! 

With Bok, we get to know and tried out more dishes from the menu this time! 🙌

Tatami Iwashi (RM22), also known as the grilled baby sardine.

It's crispy, addictive, what a perfect beer snack!

I LOVE THE SASHIMI at Ishin! We ordered the Salmon Sashimi (RM38) and Chef Special Premium Sashimi (based on the market price). We truly enjoyed the fresh air-flown seafood made into this special platter - the sweet, creamy and juicy slice of heaven.

It was followed by the Hotate Yanagawa (RM66),  the simmered half shell scallop and vegetable tasted so delicious! Though it may be slightly on the higher price point, it's so worth it as it tasted really fresh and delicious!

The Isi Ebi Cheese Yaki (RM104), cheese grilled half lobster was really good too! It's a shame that I couldn't eat more of it due to lactose intolerant. You can't go wrong with the combination of cheese and lobster!

I love unagi and I had to order some unagi dish from the menu. Bok actually recommends these two - Malaysian Roll (RM42) and Duck Liver with Unagi (RM125).

The Malaysian Roll, unagi and mango reverse roll was simply great! It wasn't my first time eating such combination but for some reason, this one has a perfect balance in taste and I could totally finish all by myself! On the other side, the grilled duck liver and unagi were surprisingly good too! They were perfectly grilled and the tare sauce was delicious too!

For beer lovers out there, you really have to give this Wagyu Stone Grill (based on market price) a try when you are at Ishin! I'm not a big fan of beef but this was really good! We ended up ordered another serving of Gyuniki Tataki to satisfy our cravings!

For dessert, just so you know that they serve good parfait in Ishin. I remember sharing one with Eric back then. We were lucky that durian was in the season and we get to enjoy the Durian Ice Cream too! The Mango Parfait (RM21) is pretty huge in portion and perfect for sharing! It's still as yummy as how it was. ❤

No. 202, Persiaran Kelang Off 3 3/4,
Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 KL.
Business Hours: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-1am
(kitchen closes at 10pm)
Contact no: +603: 7980 8228
Facebook: Ishin Japanese Dining | Website:

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